Xbox one-stuck on map with no pawn to move

Playing for about a week now, have a quick save, auto save, and manual save unfortunately all on the world map.

I can rest and access inventory.

There’s no pawn on the map, and I am unable to click on a location to travel to it, unable to manually move, cannot reenter tuskdale, and it won’t let me activate “X” to go to the kingdom management screen.

Is my save file completely bugged and a wash?
I don’t want to start a new game file. It’s just frustrating.

Anyone encounter this before?

You only have 3 save files in all at the moment ?

Just checking since Kingmaker has critical issues (crashes) due to space of save files.

The game has never worked and was broken from even before it was released. If you can, get a refund ASAP. If not, I’m sorry to say you’ve been defrauded by Owlcat like the rest of us here. Best of luck.