Xbox One patch-notes

Xbox One patch-notes

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!


  • Fixed some of the issues that led to corrupted save files.
  • Fixed the issue due to which the game sometimes couldn’t be saved at the end of the Varnhold’s Lot campaign.
  • The Fog of War data storage format in the saved games has been changed, thus decreasing the files’ size. Special thanks to our player Hambeard for this idea!
  • It was impossible to close the message box with congratulations on completing the Varnhold’s Lot campaign. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue due to which the final boss failed to appear at the end of the Varnhold’s Lot campaign.
  • Fixed the issues with the characters’ movement: at the Capital Square, in the Adamantine Shield Fortress, in the Lostlarn Keep — the Depths, in Ravaged Capital — Entrance.
  • The performance has been slightly improved, namely, when using a large number of long-lasting AoE effects (auras, Cloudkill and so on).
  • When enabled, the ‘Auto interrupt movement’ setting interrupted the attacks and touch spells, especially at a low FPS. Resolution: fixed.
  • When a character had a charged spell and couldn’t reach their target, a turn now ends automatically even if the character still has a touch attack available.
  • The character’s movement stopped before it should when the camera was centered on the active character and in some other cases. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the hints that showed lines of enemies’ and allies’ attacks.


  • Fixed the issue due to which moving from one zone to another with a large party (20+) could result in the game crash.
  • It was impossible to attack Kobold Artist at the troll’s lair. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue due to which it was possible to talk to the inquisitor at the Secluded Lodge only once.
  • Fixed Octavia’s position at Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • Fixed the positions of some enemies at the Old Sycamore area.
  • Fixed the looped romance scene with Regongar in the Capital.
  • The joking mite was rescued from under the ground in the Old Sycamore Caves.
  • A rare issue with exiting from some areas has been addressed once again by improving the algorithm that determines the point of switching between locations.
  • Fixed the issue when it was impossible to exit the Abandoned Keep after you completed the Betrayer’s Flight quest.
  • Fixed the issue when Tristian was stuck at Candlemere Tower during the Betrayer’s Flight quest.


  • The event with Sartayne (Nazrielle’s apprentice and royal advisor) in the throne room worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue when it was impossible to complete the Nok-Nok and the Great Mother quest if you entered the Goblin Clearing without Nok-Nok.
  • Fredero Sinnet could die during the duel with Valerie. Resolution: fixed.
  • After the duel of Valerie and Fredero, Ekundayo’s wolf became uncontrollable. Resolution: fixed.
  • When talking to Ivar at the Lake Silverstep Village the second time, he could attack your character. Resolution: fixed.

User Interface

  • The UI could sometimes work incorrectly if you opened and closed the spellbook quickly on the spell selection page during the level-up or character generation. Resolution: fixed.
  • If you increased a character’s level and then moved to another location sometimes the class selection page worked incorrectly for another character. Resolution: fixed.


  • Bracers of Armor failed to protect from incorporeal touch attacks. Resolution: fixed. Bracers of Armor now provide a bonus against incorporeal touch attacks.
  • Instead of applying one of the three effects at random, the Black Star starknife applied all three at the same time.

Classes & Mechanics

  • An animal companion wouldn’t get up after it fell in combat. Resolution: fixed.
  • Weapons disappeared when standing after knockout. Resolution: fixed.
  • Commands given during the cutscenes played in turn-based mode could be interrupted by the combat logic, which resulted in the cutscene issues. Resolution: fixed.
  • If a character was moving when a cutscene started in turn-based combat, the game could freeze. Resolution: fixed.
  • If you had a lot of mercenaries, the game could freeze for a long time when calculating the kingdom data automatically. Resolution: fixed.
  • Lingering Performance didn’t take into account the time left until the end of the current round. Resolution: fixed.
  • Lingering Performance allowed the character to gain benefits from multiple songs at the same time. Resolution: fixed.
  • Bardic Performance failed to switch to a new song as fast as it should. Resolution: fixed.
  • Bardic Knowledge didn’t allow the bard to make Knowledge skill checks untrained. Resolution: fixed.
  • A druid in the Shambling Mound shape with the Natural Spell feat couldn’t use any abilities or spells. Resolution: fixed.
  • Wild Shape (Smilodon) had an incorrect damage description for attacks. Resolution: fixed.
  • Wild Shape (Bear) bear had 1d4 damage on attacks instead of the intended 1d6. Resolution: fixed. Now bear attacks have 1d6 damage.
  • The monk’s Style Strike turned off after every rest. Resolution: fixed.
  • The sage sorcerer’s Arcane Bolt ability now correctly works with sneak attacks and feats affecting rays.
  • The Metakinetic Master ability no longer creates the second ability in the ability list with a wrong burn cost.
  • The slayer’s Studied Target ability used on party characters failed to end. Resolution: fixed. Now it stops working after resting.
  • Several rogue characters no longer disable each other’s Debilitating Injury spells.
  • The Mage Armor spell failed to protect from incorporeal touch attacks. Resolution: fixed. Mage Armor now provides 4 AC bonus against incorporeal touch attacks.
  • Shroud of Water and several other abilities could sometimes turn off. Resolution: fixed.
  • A magus could continue to move after a full-round attack in which Spell Combat was used. Resolution: fixed.
  • Sensei Advice: Diamond Soul didn’t work. Resolution: fixed.
  • Draconic Mettle, which belongs to the monk’s Scaled Fist archetype, had no bonuses against fear effects. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tristian’s Angelic Form used a standard action instead of a move action. Resolution: fixed. It now spends a move action.
  • Hellfire Ray was displayed twice in the level up spell selection window for wizards and sorcerers. Resolution: fixed.
  • Freedom of Movement now correctly works on all movement-impairing effects of the Tar Pool spell.
  • True Seeing now correctly allows you to ignore different concealment effects, such as Displacement and Blur.
  • Arcane Strike worked incorrectly in turn-based mode. Resolution: fixed.
  • After you created a mercenary, some alignment-restricted spells could become unavailable even if the alignment was selected correctly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue due to which Peridot Wyvern became uncontrollable.
  • Fixed the issue due to which pets became uncontrollable after the companions’ duels.
  • Fixed an issue due to which ghosts couldn’t do anything.
  • The boggard’s Terrifying Croak had no Fear descriptor, that’s why bonuses to saving throws against fear were not applied. Resolution: fixed. Terrifying Croak now has the Fear descriptor.
  • The nereid’s aura was multiplied if characters succeeded at saving throws against her.
  • Mimic’s Adhesive Entanglement had no description. Resolution: fixed. Adhesive Entanglement now has the Entangle description.
  • Spectres received the halved damage from the Unholy, Positive, and Negative Energy effects. Resolution: fixed. Now Spectres receive the correct amount of damage from spells and abilities with the Unholy, Positive, and Negative Energy descriptors.
  • In turn-based mode, effects on enemies could last longer than intended; effects on any characters could last 1 turn less than intended; effects during their last active turn could be visible on the characters’ portraits but they were not visible using Inspect and on the character’s screen. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue due to which AOE effects couldn’t be applied through doorways.
  • Fixed some errors due to which characters couldn’t hide their weapons after the battle was finished.
  • The AI behavior for a 5-ft. step in turn-based mode has been improved; freezing of AI turns in some cases has been fixed.
  • When the character wielded nothing in the main hand and a weapon (or a shield with the Shield Bash feat) in the off-hand, the iterative attacks with the off-hand weapon didn’t occur. Resolution: fixed.
  • Resurrection and Raise Dead sometimes failed to work. Resolution: fixed.
  • Locket of Magic Missile Mastery didn’t work on the Force Missile ability. Resolution: fixed.
  • Confusion didn’t have any effect on enemies. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some Blindness effects lacked descriptions. Resolution: fixed.
  • Weapon enhancements of magi and paladins had no visual effect on characters. Resolution: fixed. Now the weapon enhancement duration is shown with a special effect.
  • The Wild Energies spell failure chance was affecting potions. Resolution: fixed. Potions are now safe to use.
  • Nereids’ Beguiling Aura failed to provide immunity for 24 hours after a successful save. Resolution: fixed.
  • Charges from quivers were spent at a double rate. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the Stag Lord’s Fort, if the enemy ran to ring the bell, the enemy’s turn couldn’t end in turn-based mode.
  • Irrelevant messages were displayed in the log on mouse-hover over a trap by a character with a low Trickery skill level.
  • Fixed the character’s movement in the throne room when seated.

Mine auto updated but I just want to confirm final sizing on it to make sure, so the size I have is 35.1 GB

Thank you. Will this patch, or any planned future patch, repair already corrupted save files, or are those lost causes?

If the save is already corrupted, there’s no way to fix it, I’m afraid. It means some data recorded only partially while you were saving, and there’s no way to undo it somehow :frowning:

I’m finding when it’s running and performing it’s a bit more stable but it’s back to crashing every 20 mins, last patch I felt like it went longer before crashes, and you could anticipate when they were coming, now it’s back to random f@#kery pardon my French.

They already said there will be more patches, so at least there’s that. So far on PS4, I haven’t encountered that many bugs I’ve seen in the previous patch. I only played a hour or so in the very first act though. I still got the L2/R2 issue on the world map, though, where they won’t work at all after I pressed some buttons. All I’m saying is that it’s working better on my end, but I can’t predict how this patch will work with people who are further than I am.

Any patch notes being planned for, say, the third anniversary of the game being released for consoles?

Or preferably, much sooner than that?

Hey can we get Kingdom Management on Xbox one to have freedom in turning it on and off please.

My controller is pretty stick drifty at times and I was scrolling down the difficulty options and as I’m passing Kingdom Management it flipped it to auto and it won’t let me switch back no matter what… I’ve got over 80 hours in and I’m not restarting because of a technicality without a pop up to ask if I was sure. Especially accidentally.

Otherwise I’ll take my money back please, until you guys know how to release finished games.


Sorry mate, nothing in the game works as it should and I personally have up on the game after losing my save files numerous times and the patches they released just making things worse.
You won’t get a refund and unlikely to even get a reply Tbh as they’ve spent all the Kingmaker profits on their new PC sequel.