Wrong Calculation of Armor Check Penalty Stats

When you select Camellia or Daeran and equip an Armor with an specific Armor Penalty the negative Points which are allocated to the strenght-based-skills are too low around -1.

If you reload or just create a new save the Armor Penalty is calculated accurately.

See the Screenshots below:

Processing: Screenshots.odt…

Maybe im Wrong but this cann’t be normal. Maybe you can help out with an quick hotfix.


The info with the original description does not account for the magical enhancement - that’s why it only indicates a +6 armor bonus. Magical armor (and shields) has one less of an armor check penalty, so magical breastplate has an armor check penalty of -3 rather than -4.

Yes, but the the armor in the screenshot is not an magical one. And the penalty values are changing when you save the game or load the game. (In this case: if you load you have -4 on agility, when you take off and take on the same armor you suddenly have a -3 on agility)

The Problem still exist.