Would it be viable if you go down the Weapon Focus path for Bite if you got 2 or 3 bites but also use a 2H weapon as your main?

The reason why I am wondering this is, if I have a 2H build, but can’t decide on which weapon, I would not know which Weapon Focus route to go, but also I got 2 or 3 bite attacks that could then trigger stuff like Shatter Defenses

Probably not unless you go Legend. If you’re talking about a fighter getting two sets of focus/specialization, and greater versions of both is 8 feats. The tree you have to take to get to shatter defense is a lot of feats also, and then you throw in some improved criticals on top.

I was more thinking about a twohanded menacing slayer, but instead of using the stuff like shatter defenses that only works with focus weapons, on the 2H weapon, I’d use it with the bite.
The pro would be that I have something focussed that I definitely have and use, but wouldn’t have to commit to a melee weapon type. The con is probably (but also no clue, which is why this thread exist) if you lose too much, if you don’t have focus on your 2H weapon. (or if on a bite alone it’s just not worth it)

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You will just lose a +1 to your attack roll with your 2H. So if you want to freely switch 2H weapon but need a weapon focus for feat, taking bite doesn’t seems that bad.

Also, be carefull with 2H reach weapons (like Glaives), it could make you out of range for your bite attack.

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Aren’t there other improved versions though that could mean you miss more?
The reach thing I am painfully aware of, there’s some nice glaives that I have to stay clear from, but the 3 extra attacks are too good to go to reach weapons (currently got 2 bites and the demonic gore)

You don’t have access to them if you don’t take warrior level. 4 level into warrior unlock +1 damage feat and 8 level for another +1 attack roll feat. Another +1 damage feat exist but i don’t remember how much warrior level you need (12lvl I think).

Every martial class have their little thing to make them able to hit more & harder. Warrior have Weapon Proficiency, Slayer have Stadied target, Berserker have Rage, Ranger have Favored Ennemy. You got the point. :slight_smile:

Bites aren’t very well supported in Wrath. No Trip Cloak etc…

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Not even with the Slayer talents that get you access to a lot of feats you can’t get otherwise?

But they stack and also have sneak attack. I found them with 2H to be a nice connection between the big attacks.
Makes it feel less slow

The only downside of Bite is that you can’t have a +5 Bite or having enchant on them (like a weapon). So bite struggle a bit with high DR (if you don’t take the mythic feat) or AC. The only thing is the necklace that boost Natural Weapon but you also lose Natural AC necklace. You could also use a character that have druid spells (Barkskin for Nat AC and Magic Fang for Nat attack) but you will need to play a mercenary for that (or reclass a compagnon into Druid or Hunter). You could also use Scroll if your not annoyed by it.

It’s always nice to have them but don’t multiclass just for a Bite. Oracle Curse is bigest trap because you will lose on your BAB progression. 2 Vivi isn’t that ‘bad’ because you can gain a +1 to attack roll (with +2 STR) but you lose 2 level on your actual class that will slow down pretty heavily if you took them to early.

Aruesh can cast barkskin on you so you can use the amulet of mighty fists. Bites become extremely powerful if you go with claw attacks instead of a weapon, since all of your natural attacks turn to full BAB (except a couple of them like animal furry and close to the abyss gore). This is what people are supposed to be doing when they make builds with greater beast totem, instead of calling it worthless other than to get pounce.

Oh I wouldn’t take oracle for just the bite. The main reason why I take that 1 dip is cause of the AC from dex to cha, since I already want high cha for the Slayer arcane exploits and for intimidate with the 2H menacing stuff. The bite there is just a bonus I get on top

If you’re fighting two-handed you want to be Enlarged which increases your Reach. Bite doesn’t go that well with that. The Bite only triggers when you get a Full Attack, which only happens when you haven’t moved that turn.

A good rule of thumb is to design Ranged characters around Full Attacks and two-handers around standard actions like Cleave and/or Vital Strike, and AoOs. Since you hit so hard a lot of times the enemy doesn’t stick around for your additional attacks. Most of your turns are move-> Standard so the Bite rarely shows up in your Combat Log.


well you can have magic fang, and genie kind, and stuff like that

If you go with a monks unarmed strike and get creative with the leveling, you can get crazy number of bites and unarmed strikes

I have a character that has 6 bites, 2 gores and 6 unarmed strikes