WotR Physical Rewards

So I missed the boat here but I kickstarted the game and after many covid delays I kind of forgot about this until today. So I logged into Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Preorder and under the physical rewards tab, it still says:

" Physical Rewards

Soon you will be able to find here the information about the shipping of physical rewards, and track you delivery as well."

I cannot find any way to contact the company directly to figure out what happened and this post was all I could think of doing. Any help would be appreciated as I really was looking forward to the physical goodies.

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There are comments and updates on the Kickstarter page about this. You’re not alone though.

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I understand the difficulties Owlcat is facing. This is far more a problem than Corona is. I have trouble seeing as much as sending a package from Russia to any other location being a possibility.