WotR Beta Update Not Available

I backed the project on Kickstarter and was asked on which platform I would like to play. Knowing how much I love to play, I thought I would free up my Steam account usage for others in the house and redeem it on GoG. However, the beta on GoG requires a ‘private channel’. So, I would need one of three things:
1.) The beta is already released on GoG, but I need the code.
2.) The beta is not released on GoG, so I will need it to be and receive the code.
3.) As much as I didn’t want to, I would need to switch to Steam, thus needing a code.

Please let me know which code I will need to be able to update. I will try to check back here, but please feel free to simply message it to me and let me know which one it is. Thank you so much.

Sorry for this being in the KM forum, apparently. It’s the only support channel that isn’t bug reporting or suggestions. I’m assuming this is the right place?

I think you can play open beta only for Steam. NOT in any console (when game is released), or in GoG or Epic. I might be wrong but I have a strong feeling that is a case.

I also have game in GoG, backed the game, were in alpha and beta test (which were only in Steam, not in GoG OR in Epic). That is a choice we must make.

ALL official versions (not beta or test ones) will be released in Steam, GoG, consoles and Epic. I guess it is because it is faster, easier and most players are using Steam. In Epic and GoG it might be harder process to create beta version which do not mix up with official version.

With different games it have been more problematic to create betatest in GoG and Epic then in Steam. I can only assume that is the case still in this game also.

I suppose that means that I would need to switch to Steam, then, unfortunately. So, I’ll just have to wait for support to help with that one. Thanks.

Do you have any ide how to contact Owlcat support, since after taking a glance through several threads, I haven’t seen them say anything. They’re the only ones who could facilitate a switch in platform.

You can try to see what is written from subject (if there is any) in GoG forum at WotR section or even make a new topic for it?


Also you can see:
Steam Users Only…

Update 1.2.0e BETA (Available only in Steam via the Beta Branch) Cause we all know, GoG will never have the Beta’s here on GoG for GoG users testing!

It seem that all hope is NOT lost so it might be that you (and I) can later enter in beta’s in GoG. This is they official answer:
I’m sorry if it seems this way. All of our players are equally important to us. I don’t actually know how many people would want to participate in a beta test in GOG. I guess it’s something we need to research.
We’ve been doing betas in Steam so far, mostly because there are more players there, and enough people opt in. But if there’s enough interest, we may consider GOG as well. I’ll look into it.

And from 2 days ago we DID get reply that:
Yes, here as well. Most likely on Thursday. We have a state holiday tomorrow, so we had to move it a little because of it.

So there is NO reason now for you to switch platform. We DO get 1.2 patch in few days (maybe today) in GoG!