When will you ship physical rewards

So basically I’ve already sent 3 emails asking about my physical reward with no answer. Last answer I have received from you was on oct 18 saying “your tracking number should become available very soon”. Almost two months and three emails later - nothing. I would really appreciate any news on when my physical reward will be shipped.

What two motnths. It has already been more than 3 months since release of the game a physical collectors edition is not only nowhere to be seen, but nobody from Owlcat even bothers to communicate with backers.
I am already considering reporting this to both czech and cyprus police as a scam.

Two months - since their last answer in email to me) well it is kinda strange… because i see they pour their hearts and souls into the game, but ghosting questions is just wrong. I suspect they have manufacturing problem or something like that (maybe shipping or customs) - but be honest about it, don’t say “very soon” when it is obviously some serious problem. I doubt it is scam - they would not put so much effort making the game just to scam few figurines. Just say, ok guys we f-ed up, we were expecting 100 orders, but received 10 000, honestly our capacities were not prepared for that. We are now make this and that (some concrete actions) to produce/deliver/paint it all, but do not expect orders any time soon (at this point, by the end of the year - it is obvious). Then make some regular updates for people who are waiting - to show that the work is being done. I understand that there could be infinite number of problems and things that could go wrong. And people will be pissed of course, but they would be A LOT less pissed if you tell the truth rather than shove “very soon” down our throats.