When Pathfinder Wrath of the righteous will come to Ps4

It is said that Pathfinder Wrath of the righteous will come to consoles on 1th of March but it is not available on playstation store.
Does anyone know what happened with release date?

It’s postponed to to early autumn. See here.

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend avoiding buying this game on console at all costs. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is also on consoles for PS4 and Xbox and both versions are buggy unplayable messes, even years later. It has gone over a year without receiving a single patch.

It just cannot be beaten. It crashes too much, it’s actually bricked some people’s PS4s and Xbox Ones and Owlcat just goes “We are focusing all of our resources on Wrath of the Righteous, please be patient.”

Owlcat has not taken care of the console version of Kingmaker and I have no reason to believe the console version of Wrath of the Righteous will be any better.

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It is postponed. But I won’t recommend it buying on the console. You can buy it from a local store or online store. I won’t even suggest buying from Gamestop because Gamestop return policy are really bad, maybe worst.