What's Your Favorite Class and Why?

It’s always interesting hearing what someone has to say about their favorite classes. Could be classes you like for mechanical purposes, could be for roleplay, or it could be both. My personal favorite is the Paladin, which I love for both, mechanics AND roleplay. I love paragon type characters and I love the idea of a hero, powered by faith, to face evil and heal those in need. Magus is a close second, for roleplay and mechanics as well, but also because I like magic knight types.

Multi-class-rogue-like-combattants-with-a-touch-of-magic jack-of-all-trades. Sort of.
A guy or girl able to spot and disarm that dangerous trap, teleport to the other side of the door while invisible, kill the monster inside, and persuade its mother that it was for her own good.
But not a Bard, I’m not the artistic kind.
And still a do-gooder.

Mechanic-wise, a PC with good skills in general, and knowledge as well if possible, some good fighting and defensive abilities, but not necessarily a tank or a DPS. Not a specialist, really, more of a generalist, secondary for everything, backup dps, backup tank, backup arcane spellcaster, etc.

Paladin Bastion of faith archetype for same reason as @Seth_Phoenix. But recently I found a sorcerer bloodline that makes me wanna play a campaign as a man who is good and wants to help people but is a plague to society, literally. Pestilence bloodline sorcerer.

I tend to like playing jack-of-all trades characters who can do a lot of different things. In Kingmaker, I played an Inquisitor, so I could have lots of skill points, some spells, and some skill with melee weapons. With games like this, I like to have skill points so that my main character can feel like an expert instead of just the muscle or something - I especially like being able to handle Diplomacy myself instead of relying on a companion. Spells and physical combat are a bit more flexible, but I found Inquisitor gave a good balance, especially with the way that encounters were balanced in Kingmaker.

While I really like the mechanics of the Inquisitor, I’m fairly neutral on the class flavor - there’s definitely some fun stuff there, but I prefer arcane magic to divine and usually play as more reasonable characters than the Inquisitor’s lore suggests. As a result, with something like Baldur’s Gate 3 I’ll probably play either a Warlock or Ranger, and for Wrath of the Righteous I’m trying to choose between Bard and Hunter right now - good options for skills and I still get to use some of the cool weapons and equipment we find, but I have to choose between arcane magic or having an animal companion, both of which I really like!

Skill Rogues. I’ve always been drawn to the low-powered person in a high-powered world, as well as classes that are design to attempt to not fight. Pathfinder does a great job of giving you experience for defeating enemies which expands the definition from “kill” to kill, avoid, recruit, render a non-threat, force to surrender, etc.

Although you’d be insane to think that not fighting is always an option, so the sneak attacks, and unchained rogue debuffs are there when you and your group need to bring something down.

Commoner. Yes you read right. And yes I am serious. I love the roleplaying aspect of some run of the mill townsfolk getting to explore and experience a far too deadly fantasy world. Not exactly the most powerful class out there. Or rather, it is actually the weakest one imaginable. But I still have a soft spot for it.

Anyone up to mod Commoner into Kingmaker? :open_mouth:

Take a Wizard, don’t use your spells, take only skill focus feats and such, mainly for skills that do not have much use. And if you want, make the Companion do the skill checks for those skills. The only difference would be your strong will saves.

Already did that many times. Works wonders if you set Intelligence to 7 for making said pseudo-Commoner illiterate. One thing I missed was the prohibitation of any but one type of simple weapon. And the fact that the character screen doesn’t list it as Commoner.

Easy. Grippli Unchained Ninja.

In general I enjoy martial characters with high to hit. More attacks and improving weapon use are great too. In 3.x dnd I like fighter in particular, because feats, although monks are cool too; that speed is nice. I also really like strength based builds in most games.

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I’ve had some nice fun with the arcane archer. Opening up a fight by blasting around a corner and forcing the enemy to charge into traps is great.


My absolute number one is Dark Elementalist (with Fire-Water-Fire elemental focus)

-Theme (Dark Studies/Soul Power)
-Extremely high & flexible damage output (ranged/close/aoe)
-Very reliable hits
-Unlimited Blast uses
-Lots of Skills
-No subject to Wild Magic
-Awesome AC (all)

The second & third place are… Arcane Trickster & Monk.

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Flavor wise I really like bloodrager

But I typically enjoy playing cavalear. Just wish there was a more magical archetype for them because i really like spell casters

My favorite class unfortunately isn’t in kingmaker or WOTR. I’ve always enjoyed playing the Summoner and having a powerful eidolon at my beck and call. Nothing like sending a high level eidolon against a dragon to really get the excitement rising.

I’ll nominate the Druid. They are a very flexible class that can fulfill lots of roles: healing, summoner, animal companion, shifting, cc, aoe, etc. They are almost always a valuable addition to a party because they can fill so many roles, which matters when you don’t know what the rest of the team is building or are playing with someone new or haven’t “cheated” by doing some research on the AP ahead of time. Also, I oftentimes have to think carefully about which spells I should prepare and have to make meaningful trade offs—should I take buffs, summons, cc—and how I should build my Druid—straight caster or invest in melee/trip/shifter feats.

I also find that they, much like paladins or clerics, have a rich lore to inspire role-playing and i oftentimes have to think carefully about my alignment and how my Druid would really behave. And I’ve always enjoyed shifter builds of one sort or the other.

As a close second, I also enjoy buff classes,like the cleric or bard, because I can feel like a team player.

Paladins followed by Cavaliers and Warpriests. Fan of their RP possibilities and their mechanics, and I prefer more martial themed characters and I’m not a fan of full spellcasting classes.

I am going to throw my favorite in here. Then go to my favorite busted build

My fav has to be the Bloodrager [crossblooded]
There are two different bloodlines that increase your reach by 5 feet, giving you a 15 foot reach before any other spells or abilities. Enlarge=20 feet…theres an alchemist potion that gives you 10 feet range.add in your favorite crit pole arm and your now reaching 40 feet and lots of dex because you don’t have to up your strength beause of range.
The other favorite of my has to be the Arcane/Angelic combo- haste/blur/displacement and ignore dr from evil things, always a great idea

My broken combo to give to the pot is

Monk 1 [draconic fist], warpriest 1 [irori monk], Oracle 2 [side step secret], Paldin of Irori 4
Adds Wisdom, Dex, Charimisa, Charisma, Charisma to your ac. Very tanky, and can get even more tanky if you take 5 levels of Magus[kensie] and 5 levels of Duelist.

Or if your playing wrath of the rightous

Paladin [Oath of Vengeance, Oath against demons] 20

Well my all time favourite class is the warlock and the reason why I like this class is you can roleplay a warlock in so many ways the sorcerer is not far behind for more or less the same reasons for why the warlock class is my favourite class with so many packs and bloodlines you can pick for these classes I can play these classes without getting bored of them

Sorry to say there is no warlock in pathfinder

I know that that’s why I am looking forward to playing the witch class in WotR :slight_smile: