What's up with the time?

Hi guys,

WotR player here. I’ve just started playing Kingmaker and realized the “time-sensitive” quests.
Is this just a mechanic to stop me from resting too often (like the corruption in WotR)? I ask because this is making me too nervous about which route to take and avoid backtracking.
There’s no natural way of exploring if you’re in a hurry. And I’d prefer not to spoil locations on guides.


2 things that helped me in Kingmaker were to (1) think of this as a tabletop RPG rather than a computer RPG, and (2) think of your kingdom as another character.

In typical computer RPGs of the last few decades, you are trained to clear an area (every side quest, etc) before moving onto the next or you miss out. In tabletop, their aren’t endless errands to pad playtime. Most side quests happen as you go, or are actually just optional missions that directly support the main story. That being said, when an urgent side quest comes up, it’s usually very clear that it’s time sensitive and for logical reasons.

When I say treat the kingdom like another character, I mean;
-Whenever you can, build buildings and improve the kingdom (equipment and training)
-When a major threat or specific problem shows up, go and deal with it. (fight the monster both with the party and with event cards)
-When neither of those are an immediate concern, then go exploring (side quests, and potentially expanding the kingdom)

The last piece of advice that I have is that backtracking is part of exploring. Just have a plan when you head out somewhere like “I’m going to explore all of this region”. You will run into dead-ends, loops, story-related blocks, and a couple monsters that are too powerful for right now. With a strong kingdom, you will find that you have weeks/months of “downtime” where you can go exploring or revisit areas.

Thanks a lot for the whole post. It seems very clear and I’ll follow your advice for sure.
Just a question about this part: so basically I should always head straight to the next main quest?
I worry that I might be underleveled.

For example: right when I left the trading post, the first place I stopped by was the spider cave with the berries for Bokkan. Though I’m able to kill most spiders and 2-3 swarms, I’m underleveled for the rest (I can’t even pick the damn berries because of the DC20 check.
This leads me to believe that I should go to other places first and come back to this later.

:man_facepalming: Ugh, the spider cave is basically the bane of this game’s existence. Failure on picking those berries is just a little damage, so you may have to try a couple times (not fun, but unfortunately the case).

I should have checked because my advice was for Act 2 onwards (once you have a kingdom).
The 1st Act is the only exception here because you don’t have a kingdom yet. You have 3 months to complete a relatively small area, so you will want to complete all of the side before taking on the final main quest of the act.

It is possible to 100% clear this area in under 1 month, so don’t worry too much about exploring. It is also possible to sleep after every combat thus running out of time. These are the two extremes, and this chapter will give you a good feel for how hard you can push your party.

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The date limit for event cards are almost always near the end of the month.

In any case, you only need to start them just before the date limit (I mean they do not have to be done by that time). That is what I remember anyhow (you can test it once).

So here is how I played with Kingdom Management full on (Core) :

  • Set my companions/counselors on missions of course ;
  • check the date limits for the events I do not want to fail or ignore ;
  • leave to adventure ! I rested as little as I could, really stretching thin my party, and attempted to be back to my capital before the date limits.

Sometimes, an event or two might fall between the cracks and not get done. It is almost impossible to do them all without fault.

Just before sending a batch of counselors on mission, generally near the end of the month, was often a good time also to have the hero/king do a two-week mission, that is those few cards where your character does nothing else for two weeks (those were the part of the Kingdom Management I did not like).

If you are careful, you will have plenty of time left to finish the last quest with success. You can attempt to get all your Kingdom stats to 10 (just for the challenge/Achievement: it is not a requirement), but it might not be possible: depends on when you want to do the last quest (avoiding spoilers here).

Nb: As I almost did not rest at all (to an extreme, beyond Fatigue), I could get a lot of stuff done in a week or so of walking around.

All great tips! I just wanted to mention that you can assign a person as a counsellor and still party with them even if they are sent on a kingdom missions. Basically they are managing a department, so they aren’t personally doing the assignment.

@thizaum These will make sense once you actually have the kingdom to manage.

Oh, my memory may have faltered there : good correction.
( I corrected )

Thank you both.
I played some more last night. The “think like a TTRPG” advice is brilliant.
I gave up on the spidercave, went to another place that had some loot and a lv8 Manticore (which I was able to assess, but not engage in combat), left without fighting it (her?), and eventually got on track with the whole Tartuccio/Tomb/Sycamore/Ford questline.
My MC is lv2 now (halfway) and all my companions are mercs (lv1, about 75% now). It seems like we’re fit for the current enemies and I expect to have them all leveled up when I finish these. Then I should be able to go back to these 2 places, finish everything off and deliver the stupid berries, maybe even alongside Tartuccio (no spoilers,pls). =)

I’m honestly loving this aspect of the game. It’s way way better than how this was handled in WotR.

Act 1 is the basically the same as WotR Act 1 in Kenabres. You should be able to complete everything there before getting to the final event of the act. If you do every quest and clear out every area, you can hit level 4 basically as you fight the last boss.

You can kill the manticore or other tough, optional monsters, but it will take some consumables and some luck at that level. You’re going to miss out a lot of side-story content with only using mercs, and they are very slightly weaker than the companions (5 less stat point buy), but that is a legitimate option.

Just keep progressing through the story, level 1-3 just always sucks in PF and D&D because you don’t have many of the class defining skills yet. Everyone is just mostly crappy Fighters at that point.

After playing WotR with the original companions, I realized that there’s a workaround to this. I have all party companions as mercs and when there’s a companion quest, I simply replace one of them for the needed one. At least in WotR you never needed more than 1 for the same quest.

It showed 25 for me. I don’t know if it’s because of some mod (Call of the Wild, maybe?). The only setback that I saw was missing out on the XP the MC had from up until I met the PF Society lady.
I also “hired” them before levelling up. This allowed me to pay the minimum price and fill out the party.

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