What’s Your Favourite Deities

My favourite deities are Nethys Calistria and Sarenrae

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Probably Gyronna, Lamashtu, Urgathoa and Zyphus. Although I am also all for dual deities like Gozreh and Nethys.

Honorably mentioning goes to the Iron Gods. A.I. turning into gods are just so interesting!

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Groetus and Rovagug to a lesser extent. I like deities that focus on destruction, particularly the inevitable destruction of all things over time. That’s why I loved Rymrgand in Pillars of Eternity. I also like Cayden Cailean because he’s the gigachad of Golarion.

Sarenrae is my favourite. But i have a soft spot for Nocticula (she´s a goddess in Golarion current time).


Groetus - really like the mystery.
Nethys, Iori - like gods of knowledge and magic and they attanained divity themself. Add Zohls to this.
Rovagug - like him because he seems to be one of strongest gods and as spawns interesting enemies.

Phasmara - I allways like non evil death gods.

Abadar, God of Capitalism (best God).

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I like Desna best, most of my characters default to worshipping her. I wasn’t a huge fan of Iomedae when I first got started in Pathfinder, but I’ve warmed up to her over the years with one of my favorite PFS characters being a “paladin” of Iomedae. I like Nocticula, both back when she was a demon lord and now in her role as the Redeemer Queen. I also like me some Urgathoa.

Erastil for that sweet, sweet bow proficiency. Gorum’s great too for destructive strike

Not a fan of gods in general (my chars usually don’t worship one), but anyway… here are some that are at least tolerable/interesting (in alphabetical order)…


Cayden Cailean for the core deities, but Ragathiel is my overall favorite

In terms of lore, I’ve always like Desna and Abadar among the good deities and Asmodeus among the Evil.

In terms of gameplay, Erastil Animal/Community will almost always be top dog. Strong early and mid game with AC, a reliable mestshield in late game, and guarded hearth of the highest difficulty encounter terms. He solves all problems.

Abadar Nobility/Travel is also quite strong, but I wouldn’t say it’s god tier like erastil.