Vampire SIDE mythic path - siding with septimus instead of zacharius

Would be cool if you could side with septimus and make the Northwould like a Northen version of Geb.

Please OwlCat allow me to do that.

I honestly love every aspect of lich mythic path, except the lich transformation. 5 unique companions. A pet, dozens of iconic spells, I just wish that I could play as a different undead.

I already finished the game as a necromancer lich(din’t did the transformation, as a azata cryomancer(cold elemental specialist) and now I’m playing as dhampir cruoromancer and will go lich then legend. I like necromancy but always prefered other types of undeath over lichdoom. For a Gebbian necromancer(my background), that would make sense.


yeah the whole coexsisting with the living just stops as a story all together which bummed me out i wanted to be a grandad type lich that made everyone get along, i love flipping things on there head. a lich that is good and angel that is evil ect.

This makes sense. Seems like alot of room for interesting things there. Like Turning Companions into Vampires.