Update on the situation and the upcoming patches

As I understand it, the backwards compatibility of the XBOX series S/X is a basic feature of the consoles themselves, along with a handful of user options for improved fidelity or performance. Some developers are specifically enhancing their games for forwards compatibility, but that’s a different beast.

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That’s what i’ve read about, many times. So i guess it wil be compatible… unless Owlcat finds out that it could be interesting to play the game with Kinect ^^. Anyway, we’ll see, for example, how the game behaves in the courtyard with a series X.

Completely fixed does that include people who have passed the point of varnhold on their saves but were not able to import varnhold dlc?

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Hey there. Sorry if this is an obnoxious question but I really want to get into this game but am wary after being burned from POE2 on consoles. Really nice to see the devs putting work into fixing issues. I was just wondering how the game is playing after today’s patch and whether it’s good to go for a purchase or if I should wait a couple weeks for a few more patches to come through?

POE2 just received a big patch on consoles. Thing is : it has arrived too late, not to mention the bad ergonomics when it comes to mini-map accessibility or combat log…

I hope this fix the numerous issues my first game as a paladin didn’t let me get to Olegs trading post in the beginning of the game . So that sucked second play through game crashed constantly but made it to the stag lord and then corrupt files and bugs had to erase all those now I am playing a sorcerer and have only two saved games total one auto save the other manual save and it constantly says I have no space to save even though there the only two and have plenty of room and it’s only two saved files in the cache. I am so frustrated between all these issues and the constant load up screens that take forever it’s sucking so much of the fun. It would be nice to be able to get a refund or even a free playable game on steam for the computer instead for the ps4 to actually enjoy the game .

Admitting your own mistakes is brave. Trying to fix them is even braver. I don’t know when this game will be fixed, but I can get behind the idea of someone willing to make things right. I’m crossing my fingers so the next patch fixes a lot of things for everyone. Sending my love and positive energy to the dev team. Don’t give up on us, please. :heart:

As far as I understand this, that should be the case on both consoles:
XBOX X and PS5 are able to handle all games made for the previous generation. Sort of an on-board compatibility mode that is automatically used by the console,I guess?

Still haven’t seen the patch come through just yet. Will update when it has and I’ve had time to play it

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I’m really interested in the game and plan on purchasing it once the major bugs are worked out. For those playing, please let me know how the October 5th patch does as far as fixing the game. I will be playing it on Xbox One X. Thanks.

Yeah i only just realized after adding Dunsward area its weird that there was no reference to lostlarn keep at all. Checked internet and only just now realized dlc save is more than likely messed up. So i sure hope it fixes it retroactively despite having finished varnhold vanishing. Kinda kills my run being forced to recover 59 hours main campaign for dlc that should have been fixed last patch. Or better said i’d rather have you never fixed the flower black screen if i knew the import save was still broken. Cause now i have no save to return to cause saving too much is impossible on xbox.

Poe2 despite very slow loading is mostly stable though and doesn’t really have bugs. Atm i wouldn’t say pathfinder is better from a technical standpoint. Discovering my dlc import save was unknowingly bugged killed a lot if my fun from last patch and makes me feel i wasted last week in a sense now if its really unrecoverable. Pillars despite having load times that let you make coffee has nothing quite like these bugs.

Looks like it’s not going to be on the 5th, as for over half the time zones it already the 6th. That sucks I was hoping for the community and OC that it would drop on time. Here is hoping it is soon. I am looking forward to jumping back into this game.

Oh yeah, devs. What are your plans for next-gen consoles ? Will Pathfinder: Kingmaker receive a free digital upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series S if we purchased it beforehand? Surely the next-gen consoles could handle the game better? Just asking.

I have only seen the crash once during a drop in fps. I haven’t seen a crash during any other time besides a saving situation. It happened most often at first while the game auto saved during load screens. After that I turned off the auto save function and switched to keeping one quick save and one manual save. Still getting crash/blue screen. :sob:

Can’t remember where I saw it @TeddieSage but pretty sure they’ve already stated that they won’t be upgrading it due to fixing and other things they had going on.
It should still run on ps5 or the X though as current gen games only require a patch or update if they plan on updating the game graphically from memory…
I could be wrong though

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Well, it’s the 6th Est. No patch in sight. I guess another day then. I have never bought a game that month+ into it, and it was still unplayable. But keep up the good work, guys.

Well on PS4 at least, a new patch may not drop untill PS network reset.

Fix broke game.


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On Xbox Series X, it won’t even need a patch, since all xbox one games are meant to be fully compatible without doing anything. There’s a bunch of videos thes last days, showing firts reviewers of the console playing different games and it just work out of the box.

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