Update on the situation and the upcoming patches

Fellow Pathfinders,

It has been over a month since we released our game on consoles. We know everyone is anxious to get another update on the situation since some of you are waiting for the final fixes to arrive before even start playing. Let us share an overview of the current state of the game. :pleading_face:

The latest couple of patches had fixed quite a number of significant issues, but not all of them. Some of the problems, especially related to game stability and performance, still linger, and we’re currently looking for the most effective solution. The third patch should become available on the 5th of October, fixing the last remaining issues with the corrupted save files. Next patch will be uploaded for submission at the end of the upcoming week, and it’s supposed to improve the game’s stability to some degree.

Most of the save files’ troubles should be fixed at the moment. If you still have issues with corrupted save files or game freezing at loading, it might be because some of the save files (stored in the cache or the main storage) were corrupted in the previous version of the game. Please try to clear your console cache and delete old save files. You can find detailed instructions Here.

Also, since consoles have limitations on the maximum amount of space one game can occupy with its save files, we encourage you to keep the amount of manual saves up to 4, to avoid warnings and possible issues until a more reliable solution is found.

We are very grateful to all the people who help us in fixing the game’s flaws as effectively as possible. By providing us with the detailed descriptions of the issues, sending screenshots, and save files from their campaigns.

Has the game become better for you after the latest patches? Let us know. We need your feedback and experience to see if we’re moving in the right direction.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for not losing hope in our efforts. :orange_heart:


Thank you so much for the update! I look forward to seeing how the new patch improves the playability.
As frustrating as the launch has been the game is amazing and I hope that you all manage to keep up the great work. :relaxed:


Thank you for the update and continued work! I look forward to the 5th!!

Perhaps it’s too early to know, but i wonder : since the game will be retrocompatible with the Xbox Series X, will there be the same saving limitations on the next gen console ?

Performance has improved, do we know if the October 5 patch will fix Varnhold’s lot, or will it be the following one? Just curious so I can plan my play accordingly.

Good to hear things are coming along and more patches are lined up.

Sadly, after restarting from the beginning 4 times now (twice due to corrupt saves and another 2 due to clearing all saves after patches) I’m just bored of the game, and no amount of patching will make replaying those same 10 hours again bearable.

It’s so frustrating as this has totally spoiled what could have been a great game and nothing short of a ‘skip to kingdom management’ would save it for me now :frowning:

Can’t even sell it now due to it going on sale, which is nice for people who can buy a more complete game for a lower price so it’ll just sit in a drawer as a reminder not to buy another Owlcat game.


Glad to see you’re not giving up on your game. I’ll stick around and hope it works better in the coming months. At the moment, I’m enjoying the F2P game Genshin Impact to kill some time, but I intend spending a lot of time on Pathfinder: Kingmaker, once it has received some patches.

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Well, good to hear that things are moving forward and you guys weren’t completely discouraged - I’m in the middle of another game right now but I’m really looking forward to play Pathfinder in the next weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t had any save issues since the patch was released, I am still having significant slow down while trading and walking around my capital.
Otherwise it’s going great and I love this game.

It’s certainly improved. I lost some progress today because I put off saving a little too long and made the fatal error of trying to do things in the main town square.

But that’s easier to laugh off than combat going on for way too long when the target to hit an enemy is 4 and characters spend 7 rounds rolling 1-3. I’d smash that d20 with a hammer and get a new one that actually has all 20 numbers on it.

I feel you there. I had Amiri roll 1’s and 2’s like 10 out of 12 rolls one time. Part of that was the fight against Tuskgutter. She literally glitched first round (moved and didnt attack) 2-5 round were all 1’s. After 3 reloads she finally started hitting him.

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Good to know and thanks for the update, I am laying off the game for a while now, currently enjoying desperados 3, but will go back to it in a month or so and start again

Hello, I would like to ask a question about the save file problem. The issue I seem to have while plying on the PS4 is that after a certain number of saves per gameplay session, my game bluescreens and crashes. There is never a message mentioning a save problem or lack of space. I’ve deleted all saves and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game… More than a little bummed on the fact that such an enjoyable game keeps crashing.

Actually, I’m not sure the game will be retrocompatible with the Xbox X. :thinking: At least we are not ready to rework the game for the new consoles at the moment. Only if it’s going to work on it’s own. But probably the memory restrictions would remain, since we had to add those within the game as well to stop save files from corrupting.

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Yes, the Varnhold’s lot should be finally completely fixed in the new patch.


Sad to hear that, but I understand your feelings :confused: I just hope you will be able to give it another go after we completely fix, and you will have a rest from it and become less frustrated. We will make sure to rely only on ourselves with console testing next time to avoid those things from happening again. We’re sorry for the ruined game experience. :frowning_face:


Can you please tell me more about the issue? Are you sure that the game crashes because of the saves, or is it crashing just after some time of non-stop gameplay? Or maybe you can see the fps drop before crashing.

That is great news, I am so glad to hear it, and thanks for responding, can’t wait to dive back in.

@Siri really thanks for all your effort. I’ve paused the game until next patch so to not ruin too much the game experience.