Unplayable! Where are u Owlcat?

This game on xbox is unplayable!

Crashing all the time. Where are u Owlcat?

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They are too busy with Wotr and it’s unlikely they will fix kingmaker period on Xbox.

They’re sat in their castle built of the money they’ve made from the sequel, that was created through our stealth funding via the sale of an incomplete game.
They’ll never fix it and the world keeps on spinning as noone in the industry gives a sh*t about is gamers and it’s accepting that asshats like OCG can rip off the players to make a buck.

Hello! Currently all development resources are on Wrath of the Righteous, so there’s no ETA on KM console patches for now. If something changes, we’ll announce it as soon as possible.

What about refunds for an item sold not fit for purpose? Sales of good act has been breached massively here FFS!

I gotta say don’t bring Wotr out on console you obviously don’t have any interest in the console community at all so don’t bother with console ports just stay on the pc.

Well, at the very least you guys need to fix Pathfinder: Kingmaker on console before you guys even consider releasing Wrath of the Righteous on console.

Your console customers have been incredibly patient and are feeling ripped off based on how little communication and work had been done in over a year.

They won’t fix it though

They stole your money, will never fix it, and they did so willingly, releasing it knowing it was broken. Don’t forget about that whenever you see Owlcat as a name associated with a game release.

The game was launched in such a broken state that they must have known they’d never be able to allocate the resources necessary to truly fix it.

Then they roll out a series of token patches month apart. They blamed the slow patches on Microsoft’s certification process, even though many other studios, including studios much smaller than Owlcat, have and continue to release fix patches at a much faster rate, They didn’t even have the Xbox port’s Day 1 patch ready until a full two weeks after release. After releasing some token patches, they’ve washed their hands of it. Ridiculous treatment of customers.

Finally, the PS4 port was left in a much better state than the Xbox port. I’ve seen that first hand as a buddy of mine has the game on PS4.

So if you really want to play this, and you are a console gamer, get the PS4 version. I wouldn’t spend more than 5 dollars on it though. It’s on Game Pass, but that’s the garbage Xbox port.

Or don’t reward them for lying and cheating us, and instead pass entirely on it. Denying them -any- money is the only thing they’ll understand. Even five dollars is too much to pay for a product that was sold to you not just broken, but knowingly broken. It’s theft and fraud, pure and simple. You wouldn’t pay for someone to cheat you in the market, so why pay them here? Don’t pay for a car you know has faulty air bags. Don’t pay for a bottle of soda you see is leaking. And don’t pay for a game you know is broken.