Unable to enter Battlebliss

Battlebliss won’t turn no matter how long I stand and wait. Been sitting here for 30 minutes and the damn thing sits there. How do you get battle bliss to turn?

Thank goodness for Toybox and just cheating my way by teleporting in. Most infuriating thing. I zoned out and zoned back into lower area and it turned and by the time I ran it hand turned away again.

Can you please make it possible to force Battlebliss to turn so we can enter. This does nothing but make me angry. There is no control and no tricks to get it to move.

The areas don’t move by waiting, they move when you rotate the view, if it is working as intended. Worked for me but I haven’t played that area since a few patches ago. There is a tutorial box that pops up explaining this when you first enter the city.