Trials of Mana Remake

This game surely look better and better with each trailer. It’s due April 24. This Spring will be busy one!

Unfortunately, not feeling well today, so I can’t be as talkative as usual, but it will be infested with denuvo. Don’t really bothers me personally, but that’s one beautiful remake there and GOG users won’t get it. :frowning:

Wow Zable-Fahr looks great!
Which platform should this be bought for? Switch, PC…

switch, it shouldn’t have denuvo.

Good point. but what about performance?

Got in on PC. Demo works well for me.

Just playing FF7 remake while waiting.

omg already?
Load times on switch are long, NGL

Yeah Australia got it early.

Load times are slow on PS4 too.

REally? interesting. What about eyecandy

Graphics are decent. Some textures are slow to load.

Tifa is an absolute babe.

Ah yes, her bosom must be glorious