Tiefling Portraits not showing up

Platform: EPIC

Do you have any mods? No, I had some originally with the same problem but deleted and did a fresh install.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
Got the game for free on EPIC on then bought the season pass. The original problem was that Kanerah wasn’t showing up at the coronation after I got the DLC. I looked online and saw people mentioning that this had happened and they had to do a new game. When I went to restart the game I noticed that I didn’t see the tiefling portraits as an option. I did a clean reinstall, then when the portrait still was there I tried the trick to make a new character and save it, exit the game, then use continue and then go back to the main menu, but that didn’t work. I did notice that if I didn’t select a portrait and then hit the button to bring in a custom portrait, then clicked back out it would default to the male tiefling, and so I made a character with that and tried the continue trick but it still didn’t get the portraits loaded correctly.

I haven’t had enough time to get through the 1st part of the game and see if the coronation scene now works.