Through the Ashes: 2 companions did not appear when I searched the stage and beyond

SPOILER ALERT but only for the very first part of the DLC Through the Ashes

I entered the stage area in sneak mode (being sneaky felt immersive with cultists barely 20 feet away or so). Then walked around, searched, cleared all the rooms further backstage… alone ! (except the one with cultists of course!) Not easy, but I made it.

I came back and found all the NPCs unhelpful :stuck_out_tongue:
Something was off …

I went back in sneak mode to the basement, searched, talked to the fellow there, came back…

Suddenly, losing patience I stopped being sneaky, I went again to the basement (third times a charm)… Rekarth (who initially had helped my in the basement scripted scene) appears on the stage and I realize the main story event had not triggered because I stepped over it in sneak mode. So… probably easy to fix.

( By “2 companions”, I mean that the other fellow left the basement after Rekarth as scripted.)

For laughs : doing those rooms alone I thought … “hmm… Owlcat is pretty hardcore putting my lone character against all this. I probably need to find companions.” So I cheesed it using kiting (run and shoot).

Not to mention the traps and locks while I do not have any Trickery. My Tiefling though has a fire resistant butt and “disarmed” the traps so-to-speak.

But when no option was opening, I thought: “How am I so bad at RPGs after over 30 years of RPG gaming! I must certainly have missed something…” Went back searching the basement three times over.