The sad state or Pathfinder Kingmaker on Console

I think it’s downright disrespectful and disgusting that the console port of Kingmaker is still in such a bad state you can’t even level up your freaking characters and a lot of the classes are messed up as well and yet instead of fixing it Owlcat decided that screw it we’re gonna go ahead and work on our new game and then we might come back to this one later.Which we all know they’re not going to do and that is why I will not buy the new game when they bring it to Console and nobody else should either.


Ok Wotr is out and it’s first expansion is available where’s the damn updates for Kingmaker on console this game is a tragic mess and it needs work on it.


They’re moving on to Starfinder and Warhammer, apparently…

Yeah I figured as much man I’m not supporting their games anymore in fact I am going to actively warn customers to avoid their games as well.I’m not going to buy anything else from them and I’m going to try and spread the word so others wont as well.