The sad state or Pathfinder Kingmaker on Console

I think it’s downright disrespectful and disgusting that the console port of Kingmaker is still in such a bad state you can’t even level up your freaking characters and a lot of the classes are messed up as well and yet instead of fixing it Owlcat decided that screw it we’re gonna go ahead and work on our new game and then we might come back to this one later.Which we all know they’re not going to do and that is why I will not buy the new game when they bring it to Console and nobody else should either.


Ok Wotr is out and it’s first expansion is available where’s the damn updates for Kingmaker on console this game is a tragic mess and it needs work on it.


They’re moving on to Starfinder and Warhammer, apparently…

Yeah I figured as much man I’m not supporting their games anymore in fact I am going to actively warn customers to avoid their games as well.I’m not going to buy anything else from them and I’m going to try and spread the word so others wont as well.


Well they have announced the console version of the WoR but Kingmaker is still a broken piece of Garbage I hope nobody gets fooled by Owlcat again and refuses to buy their shit console ports going forward.


They banned me from these forums months ago for spreading ‘doom and gloom’, but as it turns out I was 100% right. This is a shitheel company and I’ve been making sure that people are aware of it in many different platforms. They stole from us, defrauded us, and denied us refunds from their broken game.

Hey Owlcat, fuck yourselves for your theft of your customers. Ban me for keeps this time, since you want to hide the truth from people like me who won’t lay down for your predatory bullshit.

I agree I have never seen such vile business practices in a long time.Owlcat really needs to just stay on PC and stop porting over on console.

Too late OwlCat has already out Wotr up for preorder on console they have absolutely no shame first the refused to fix Kingmaker and now they are putting this game out on consoles again.

We knew they were. They announced it. Wrath of the Righteous is the reason Owlcat gave for not working on Kingmaker.

We’ll see if their next IP keeps them from working on both Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous on consoles.

Not to mention that they could even add the italian language patch made by the t.i.g.e.r group (the same team that translated divinity original sin 2 , which was officially used as a patch) , but nope … :unamused:

I think bringing this to the attention of Paizo themselves on their social media might be a good idea. I’m sure they would appreciate knowing their IP is being used to defraud people, and might make them hesitant to employ Owlcat in the future. Generally IP holders aren’t too happy when their products are used to steal from people.

I don’t know but I think it’s rather telling that now that WotR is completed they still haven’t fixed Kingmaker on Console.Instead they are hoping everyone forgets The Kingmaker Console versions exist at all but just watch WotR will be a buggy disaster as well on Console just wait and see.Then Owlcat can just stick to the PC that way the PC Community can fix their broken damn game for them.

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I was right the new games a mess on console as well Owlcat will patch it here and there until dropping it for their new IP game they are making.

I managed to get Kingmaker thanks to the Ps Plus sub and i absolutely love this game. But the crashes (every 1-2 hours at least) and the amount of loading screens really put a dent in my experience as a casual Crpg fan. Just came to say that i really like this game but man, it’s infuriating sometimes :frowning:

I don’t think that i’ll be picking WoTR for my PS5…

The number of crashes you experience will increase as the game progreses.

OwlCat lost the rights for Kingmaker ever since they went indie, in 2019. The only way the console version would get fixed would be to contact the company that ported the game to consoles to begin with. My take is that they (the porters) were on these boards for a while, then left when they realized there was nothing to be done with the state of this game. So the best thing we can do is move on. Sorry folks. Just found that info on their official Reddit.

So they lost the rights to the game in 2019, and released it on consoles broken in 2020. It sounds like they had been planning to screw us for a good long time then. And if you would have us believe that they lost the rights to the game a year ahead of time but still hosted the official forums here, on their own website, for a game they didn’t own and had no further part in? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s far more likely that they committed wide scale fraud across every console system and then left us out to dry. The presence of the game (you would have us believe they had no part in for a year before it’s release) on these forums is very definitive proof that it was in their hands upon release at least.

So, being that is the case, I put forth another solution. You’re being lied to. They took our money, released a product they -knew- was broken, and then ran with the cash. Now that WotR is released and has the same exact issues, they are scrambling on Reddit to blame someone, anyone for their scam. If they felt bad, why invent a story for Reddit and not explain it here on their own forums? If they are innocent and it was all a bit screw up, why not apologize?

No, Owlcat are liars, frauds, and thieves, and all evidence points to that. If they wanted us to move on, they should never have stolen from us to begin with or offered refunds for a product they knew was faulty. So perhaps being an apologist for thieves and liars isn’t the best approach, hm? Let Owlcat themselves communicate with us on their own forums, or remain silent and show their true colors every single day as they have been for two and a half years. If they want people like me to go away, they can approach me with an offer for a full $40 refund for the game I purchased and have never been able to play. Or they can keep making up stories on Reddit and keep their stolen money. I guess we’ll see which they choose.

I’ve given up on OwlCat they are Liars I don’t give a damn what the reasons was they deceived their customers plain and simple they don’t even care so neither should anyone else like I said to hell with them.

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