The next Owlcat game, that I would like to see :)

Hi Owlcat,

After pumping more then 2000 hours in your last 2 games, I must say I enjoyed them both greatly. And I’m still playing WotR today.

So here’s a suggestion for the next game, if there is to be one. (I hope so!)
Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles.

I absolutely loved playing & GM’in this campain, and I think it makes for an amazing backbone for a fun story with a lot of different cultures, lore, exploring, boat battles, …

Do with it what you want, but that’s my 2 cents.

Take care, Flutebox

IDK…POE2 wasn’t a success and their post-mortem identifies the pirate theme as part of the failure. And from a technical stand point, water graphics/environments might be an additional challenge. Anecdotally, I dislike pirate themes.


Next game ? Is WotR already a game ? I thought its a Tech Demo.


I personally would rather prefer Pathfinder: Hell’s Vengeance.
(Adventure path for evil-aligned characters)

In the first game, we were heroes who wanted to save the country and the kingdom. In the second game, we were heroes who wanted to save the country, the kingdom and the whole world. I think in the third game we deserve to be a little evil and selfish.

Pirates can be evil & selfish :slight_smile:

@Raikan , have you played the Skull & Shackle campain with a good GM? It’s not all about Pirates, its also about exploring ruins, forgotten islands, fining treasure, going to the main land of Garruk, …

Are you able to name at least one good and successful pirate-themed game?

The Monkey Island franchise comes to mind. Timeless classic, that one. :pirate_flag:

I wouldn’t mind Skull & Shackle myself. Only, I at least want to have local maps on water and below the waves. This is an AP which could really make swimming, diving and fighting in water interesting if done right. As well as possibly make it worthwhile to include aquatic races as well. Naval battles in real time also has potential. And I don’t only mean on the global map either.

I haven’t, but the quality of the story won’t matter if customers don’t buy it. I’m just pointing out that there’s a reason we don’t see too many pirate themed games—for whatever reason, the perception of pirate ness hurts sales.

I like hells vengeance a lot, but I’ve seen data from Larian during BG3 presentations about evil characters and something 10% of the players choose evil options on their play throughs. Good characters are clearly the market dominant preference. While I really enjoy evil play throughs, I’m skeptical that a pure evil campaign would be appealing. Maybe they could merge HV and HR into a single game and let the player choose their alignmen?

Assassins Creed Black Flag was excellent IMHO, probably the best pirate game I’ve played.

I would love them to make Rise of the Runelords into a CRPG, & they could then follow it up with Return of the Runelords :slight_smile:

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WotR was originally a campaign where you could only be good.
Owlcat added “evil path”.

Hells vengeance is campaign where you are mainly evil.
Owlcat can add “good path”.

I don’t know if you played Tyranny (jewel that never shone thanks to zero marketing) but storytelling from a perspective “bad guys” worked very well there and you weren’t “forced” to be evil.

Maybe more like “Overlord”.
Take over a beautiful world in harmony, trampling on do-gooders and faeries. More of a lite-hearted attempt, than butchering through hell to win dominion over a patch of land no one wants to live in.


P.S.: No offence meant my dear queen.

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LOL … I’ll let you off this one time @MagicChris! :wink:

But please try not to make a habit of "trampling on faeries" … you might bring out our darker impulses :upside_down_face:

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I think Tyranny works because it concentrated on this aspect, gave it nuances and the player the freedom of choice.
If you just add evil choices like in the pathfinder crpgs for the sake of it, but in its extreme version and without nuances, it just doesn’t work out for me.

Honestly, I want to see what Owlcat can create when they concentrate on their strengths, when they actually write a game which is supposed to be fun to play and has no bad subsystem and no annoying mechanics (and no terrible backerquests) just for the sake of it. I wonder how Wrath would have looked like with only 1 mythic path, but very detailed and very nuanced, with a lot of real and creative choices.

Imo Owlcat should decide whether to create Pathfinder games, without relying heavily on homebrew mechanics, or if they want to write their own system - a system which doesn’t need new players to read a 300 page rulebook to understand it ^^

I liked Tyranny, but it supports my concern, which is that evil themed games might not be broadly appealing. Admittedly, it might have been marketing, release timing, or any other number of factors that made it an undiscovered gem.

Adapting HV seems doable—presumably through a double cross or double agent option. But wouldn’t it make more sense to do HR before HV? There are a few adventure paths that are tethered together, like rise and return of the rune lords, HR and HV, and the two dealing with the whispering tyrant. Maybe HR and HV could be told simultaneously from two perspectives with the character switching perspectives between chapters, sort of like Jude and Mila in Tales of Xilia or like Kharg and Darc from Arc the lad 2. That’s complex story telling and is both immersive and immersion breaking at the same time.

i love that style. i would go for that.

Sea Dogs series naturally comes to mind…

Personally I’d prefer Jade reagent or reign of winter. Long journey to the west or planet hopping to see the other parts of the system. Still I do agree a straight campaign with no optional extras might be better for them retention wise. Espeicially as they tend to modify them to their desires. I know going to alignment based mythic paths instead of role ones so if you want merged arcane you need lich and if you want divine merged spellbooks you need angel has annoyed a few people.

(Owlcat said no to Reign of Winter, since parts of that play in Russia, and Owlcat is from Russia as well, so they said they definitely don’t want to do that. I guess it’s complicated.)