Thank you so much. Kingmaker might be my most favourite game of all time

I discovered RPGs about 17 years ago. It was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours on every Elder Scrolls game each. I fell in love with the old Infinity Engine games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. I enjoyed Neverwinter Nights and even went back as far as Akalabeth from 1980.

With Kingmaker, I have already spent about 120 hours. I have no clue how far I am into the game. And I’m having such a blast - nonstop. It hits all the right notes for me, and the kingdom management was such an unexpected and great surprise (for me, surely not for everyone).

I’m very grateful about all the little details - Asking a kobold tribe about another kobold tribe that you ran along on level 1, a companion brining up his thoughts about a sidequest you completed two weeks ago, or a witty debate between two of your companions at the campfire :camping:.

At first I missed the mysterious influence of devils and demons that is so omnipresent in Elder Scrolls and Forgotten Realms games, but everything being so down to earth and believable makes the game so much more enjoyable - Especially when you have several settlements to manage :european_castle:

This also covers the companions - I like how they’re not full of drama and over the top. When a companion strongly disagreed with a choice I made, I still couldn’t it get out of my head, even two hours after I stopped playing. I thought about her motives, the lawful-good alignment that made it hard for her to think out of the box. This game keeps me occupied even when I’m not playing it. Not many can do that.

So, thank you so much. For me, I can safely say that I didn’t had that much enjoyment with a computer RPG game for many, many years. Maybe ever. I’m sure Wrath of the Righteous will be great as well, but I have a strange feeling that Kingmaker, in the way it is, will never be matched by another game. At least for me.


I think you hit the nail on the head that everything in the game feels believable. You can almost always dig into character’s (allies and enemies) motivations, and understand them even if you don’t agree.

From the very little that I’ve seen of WotR (some of Chapter 2 in early alpha), I don’t think that we will be disappointed.


Hmm, I still don’t have Kingmaker, but I’d be surprised if it could beat Wizardry 8 (I have fallen so hard for Wiz8.) Still, from what I’ve heard, it’s the best Baldur’s Gate II “successor” of the recent ones.

Even when the game was a buggy mess on Week 1, it was still excellent. I’m thankful that Owlcat did well enough with Kingmaker to make Wrath, and I hope that Wrath will be successful enough that we’ll see many sequels because each sequel implements or expands upon the game systems in the PF universe, bringing not just a new story, but a better gaming environment.


I am glad you liked it, for me it was one of hidden gems among RPG. Even thou it had a very rocky and buggy start, im glad that Owlcat stayed and continued to fix the game and adding content. Ive been playing D&D since second edition, this game did brought me into the Pathfinder world and I’ve grown to love it. I have high hopes for Wrath, and if they manage to deliver what they promised, for me the game would represent a new golden standard for modern CRPG.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed Kingmaker :slight_smile: :smile: it is also one of my favourite game of all time! I also agree with Grifta - WotR alpha is extremely enjoyable and I’m very confident Owlcats will deliver another fantastic game for us to enjoy!

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I think it might be impossible to really beat these early memories of games what I did play back in 80/90’s in Amiga 500 and 90 Pentium.

If we just check now then yes, pretty much any game now days is WAY better then games back then. But if you spend over 3 years playing pretty much daily games like MechForce ( MechForce (Video Game) - BattleTechWiki ) or Dungeon Master ( Dungeon Master (video game) - Wikipedia ) most people likely remember games like Eye of Beholder (serie) what were clones from Dungen Master and it inspired some games like Ultima Underworld later.

It is true that now days my most played games are Total War: Warhammer (I & II), Battletech (with Commanders Edition 3025 Extended edition mod) and Pathfinder Kingmaker. So I kind of agree, for today this is best RPG game we have. Not best in all the times (it is really hard to beat nostalgy and we did wait like 20 year to get something after Baldur’s Gate) but best to play today and most likely something to add in my list of best “top 20” games ever or something like that.

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Kingmaker sadly has pretty bad encounter design and really poor Ai. Also almost no role playing, your race class or religion doesn’t matter at all. So no Kingmaker wasn’t that good but unlike Deadfire people had no expectations.
And the village building mini game was a boring waste of time that lacks depth.

I didn’t get around to playing Kingmaker until quite recently, but I’ve had a ton of fun with it and am looking forward to the next installment.

It has some awkward moments mechanically, and there some very odd design choices towards the beginning that could be a barrier for some players, I think. But the game is rewarding if you stick with it.

There’s a lot going on. The Kingdom management is stuck between a background activity that adds some depth to the main adventure, like the fortress in Pillars of Eternity, and something more intricate like a civilization building game. I enjoyed it, but there’s a lot of clutter. It could be streamlined somewhat, I think. Maybe fewer events overall, but with more significance attached to each one.

I liked the main party members and supporting characters a lot. Kingmaker is very good in many of the most important areas for this type of game.

I just wanted to add some praise here too since there was a thread for it! I LOVE THIS GAME so much!! It truly is amazing!!! It hands down has every aspect, and I mean every single aspect, I would ever want it an rpg!! Well, a rotating camera on console would be nice but hey small gripe overall. You guys really nailed it! I’m not even a huge tabletop guy having only played a few my whole life but RPGs have been my go to since the 90’s. I mentioned console and I’m playing on PS4, I know its having some issues for most but so far aside from the known respec issue I haven’t run into anything too infuriating. I’m used to games of this nature struggling out the gate on consoles and it’s always the support in the end that makes or breaks it! I honestly feel like the final product is downright extraordinary and definitely contender for best rpg, just work those kinks out, easier said than done but I have faith in you guys! Thank you for such an excellent game!! Look forward to enjoying many more games in the future!!

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