Thank you Owlcat for this masterpice!

I just finished playing this masterpiece of a game!

Must say damn its good the story is so good. It drew me in and made me happy, and sad I really loved the adventure you took me on and had one if not the best experience of my life. Loved both DLCs aswell.

The charecter devoleopment and everything hooo boy!

Can only say. THANK YOU! And i CANT wait for the next adventure you people will take me on next!


Yes. Right now it is the best sequel of Baldur’s Gate. I would argue Pathfinder Kingmaker is the actual BG3.

Larian’s BG3 is… not bad but a different game, appealing to a different crowd.


The 3 in BG3 is meant as continuation of DOS2, not BG2.


For me too, and I’m still on my first playing (my praise from a few months ago is here).

So many details, and everything is believable and not over-the-top. It even keeps me thinking about the River Kingdoms and Golarion, even if I haven’t played for a week. I’m playing really slowly because I want it to never end. As far as I heard, it’s not an open ended game (like Elder Scrolls) but will have a definite end.


+1 to this.
I first played WotR and absolutely loved it. Now I went back to play this one.
I’m a big Baldur’s Gate (OG) fan and a big Divinity fan, but honestly Pathfinder drew me in much more than BG3. I haven’t even touched it yet and now I’m headed for a new adventure after spending 260+ hours on WotR.