Temple of the Elk does not load during secrets of the suramgamin

Platform: Windows/Steam

Do you have any mods? No mods.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
When I try to enter Temple of the Elk the game always loads to 85% and then crashes to main menu.

Picture of error

Link to save file

Any help is greatly appreciated, I believe I am very close to finishing the game…

Is your character’s name “Bard” and the save loads outside “Saint Galvan’s Gullet” ?

If so, good news, I was able to load it and enter Temple of the Elk. That probably means an issue with your installation rather than a corrupt savefile of some kind.

Verify the installation in Steam (link below). This is a good first step for any game that randomly bugs out when nothing should have changed or updated.

Let us know if it works.

Thanks for answering. The character name is Bard but the save was supposed to load on the world map at the Temple of the Elk. Maybe I accidentally uploaded an old save. Let me try verifying integrity and if it doesn’t work I’ll upload another file.

Nope, didn’t work unfortunately.

I made a manual save to make sure it’s the most recent, this consistently crashes for me whenever I try to enter the Temple

Damn, that one does crash for me as well. So it would need a slightly older save, or some help from someone who knows how to fix a save file.

How would I get a hold of such a person?

Alternatively you’re saying I need to restart from an earlier save?

I’m not actually sure how to get in direct contact about a savefile anymore. But yes, my first try would be going from an earlier save and pushing through to that point to see if it fixed it.

Alright, thanks for your help!