Technical issues and bugs - IMPORTANT - Updated!

Hi everyone!

When you encounter an issue or a bug, please reveal this info to us:

Platform (PS4 or XB1)
Version number (IMPORTANT!)

What exactly is happening, please describe what you were doing before the issue began.

If you encounter a bug, please note the location (if applicable) and describe what is happening (this is important when it comes to classes, abilities, creatures etc.

You could also send us savegames with a short description of the issue to

How to get the PS4-savegames!

  1. Go to your console’s Settings
  2. Select Application Saved Data Management
  3. Pick Saved Data in System Storage
  4. Insert a compatible USB device into the USB port of the console
  5. Then select Copy to USB Storage Device
  6. Pick Pathfinder: Kingmaker from the list of your games and press X
  7. Select the specific save files you want to copy to USB drive (or select all) and press the Copy button on screen.
  8. Dicsonnect the USB drive from the console and connect it to your PC/Mac
  9. The save files will be available at /PS4/SAVEDATA/

The file may be large, so please consider a filesharing service to post us the link to the savegame.

Xbox One

There are actually a few guides for XB1 on the web to get saves. But in reality these are flawed - unfortunately. If you encounter an issue on Xbox One, please describe what you did, as best as you can, so the issue can be pinpointed and reproduced.