Surprising: I'm having a BLAST with crusade mode

So I came to this game for the RPG and turned the crusade mode off, because I thought that this was not for me. I prefer playing radical CG toons and doing quests, finding stuff, etc… besides my usual style of metagaming / exploiting (which is very dear and important to me).

Now after learning the basic mechanics of the game in my last attempt (up to right before the end of act 3, stopped there, because my builds were not optimal and I did a few things not the way I actually wanted to do them) I decided to reroll completely, with Elemental Specialist / Azata as main.

And, while at it, I decided to give the crusader mode a try.

Now I’m having a blast. While during RPGing I still play the perfect comrade for a cute blue havoc dragon (ultra CG), I turn into a madwoman (I’m male in RL but prefer playing female characters in games) when crusading.

It’s BIG fun.

My playstyle is that I don’t “attack” the enemy, I raid him, I go ultra aggressive, use the most spiteful tactics. This is so much fun, unbelievable.

Owlcat did a great job there.


I love Crusade mode as well :slight_smile: I think that a lot of players turn it off without realising how fun it actually is!


Same here. Amazing how far it’s come from Beta.


So you’re also commanding troops around like a boss. :smiley:

Thats at least how it feels.

“Now my second army is going to take Drezen.”



The general of your army is actually the true hero of the game: Killing hundreds of models with a single Fireball. :stuck_out_tongue: - Wish my MC could remotely do that. ^^
But, indeed, the Crusade is simple and enjoyable enough, compared to the tough RPG part: I was actually glad to leave the Abyss, because finally there was a small diversion from the quests again.


I’m enjoying Crusade mode just from the spectacle of blowing up enemy armies with fireball or channel negative energy. I’m not getting any value from the tactical gameplay or anything.

Its hard to say how I would improve it, though. Anything more balanced or involved is simply going to take longer than one-shotting the enemy in the first turn, and I’m not sure I want to spend that much extra time in Crusade.

Maybe if the tactical layer was removed entirely and replaced with an awesome animation of armies clashing and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m ambivalent towards it. Too simplistic with very little tactical depth, but its definitely an improvement over Kingmaker. It always annoyed me that my party was going around heading off monster attacks but my Kingdom’s army was only mentioned in texts.

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There’s a lot more tactical play with the other generals, and occasional tactical play even with the blaster if the opposing general is nuking your side faster than your units can heal them.

Owlcat included a few I win buttons because so many younger players expect them and raise a stink if they’re not there, but there’s a great tactical game there if you just ignore those options or use them judiciously.

I feel like the thing that impedes tactical play the most is the way recruitment and unit stack limits are implemented.

The game highly incentivises getting huge stacks of a limited number of unit types, since that’s the only way to scale the power of an army.

But the random mercenaries and the pointlessly small numbers of arbitrary units the game tosses at you conflict with that design.

The game already has the concept of “unit value”, the limit for an army should be based on that, and you can have as many stacks as you want up to the unit value limit.

It’s out of whack no doubt, but you’re intended to maintain at least two armies (I’ve done three - one general of each type - and been happy with it) and you can get them up to six slots each pretty easily so there’s room for a lot.

It’s just that the later units have been so underwhelming. Now that iteratives are working that could change.

You can have multiple armies, but the problem is recruiting enough mercenaries for the extra armies, since you can fill your main army with the regular units. (Exception is Lich since you gain undead for every army when they win.)

Splitting the regular units across armies is adding risk for not much benefit. Smaller stacks means more losses.

No you never split stacks of the same unit. But you can have three different kinds of infantry, two ranged, two nukers, two healers, three mounted whatever and put them in the army that gives them the most benefit.

You don’t really get enough mercenaries to adequately fill another army. Especially since all your armies are taken away during act 4 :confused:

If there was a way to “lock” mercenaries so they are consistently available every week, that would help. Along with a price reduction…

There is, you build the Mercenary Guilds.

Folks, statements of the form “You can’t” and “you don’t” or “you have to” are logically different from statements of the form “you can” or “you do” or “you don’t have to.” The latter are a lot easier to prove and if you find yourself using the former it’s probably is the reason you’re missing out on a lot of the fun things you can do in this game and may be having trouble or finding it “stale”.

I do in fact have enough mercenaries not only to fill another army but two other armies by the end of ch3. You can amass around130k by the end of Ch 2 and if you use it to buy mats for the discount buildings and inns/supply centers you can have a good steady income up and running in a couple weeks. Use that to fund upgrades to Bastions and put Merc guilds in your Bastions and you’ve got a nice wide selection and there are several good options to choose from.

Sorcs with a Wiz general do big damage, and Conscripts with Melee general are just what the doctor ordered with their huge numbers and the Melee General’s unlimited high DC AoE Stun. I like Champs for trained troops to make sure I can get the stacks big so they can survive caster generals but you can pick up several other strong melee types as Mercs.

I’ve just been ignoring Hellknights altogether although I think they’ll be good now that iteratives are working. They’re a little expensive for the time you get them.

What do you do about not having the correct types of Merc available on a given week?

Or do you have enough armies to hold most types and just buy every Merc each week and allocate them to their assigned army?

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It’s not perfect but you get a free reroll. You’d need to do the three armies to use all that you get but they’ve upgraded enough of the mercs that your stacks are decent even if they’re only showing up every other week. Just make sure to build the General upgrade buildings.

Biggest thing is taking your time exploring (high Stealth helps) to give your armies and finances time to grow. The time pressure in Wrath is pretty much the opposite of P:K. Slow and plenty of rest is better.

I definitely like the crusade system a lot, but I wish it handled mythic units better. They’re supposed to be these cool additions that are rewards for advancing down your chosen path, but you get so few that they don’t really have much impact I feel.

It’s a really nice change of pace your regular party mode.

Most people I know that plays the game, actually like the feature.
It helps breaks the game up from being to similar in gameplay and suits the theme.