Suggestion: More/Custom portraits on Console

Hey there!
I bought the game some days ago and love it so far. The only thing that was a little inconvenient is that we have a limited choice of portraits for our character. Are any portrait packs in the works? I wouldn’t even mind paying for them, but that’s up to ya’ll or maybe mod support, so we could load some in or make our own?

That would be really nice, since you kinda have a look in your mind but the current options don’t fit perfectly if you want to make your own character.

Keep up the great work and now i gotta play more!


I’m curious if anyone else has noticed that some of the portraits that were initially available have since disappeared. Maybe it’s because I stayed up to jump in as soon as the game dropped, but I’m pretty sure there was a bald, dark skinned, male assimar and several others that are not there now.

Probably a glitch or a bug

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

How goes this one?

Will there be any custom portraits for console versions?