Stuck at loading screen

After i updated my graphics card GeForce changed the settings of the game and doesnt let me change through geforce again. Now my game stucks at loading screen halfway through .

Verify the integrity of the game files first.

If that doesn’t work, maybe try this?

Or maybe it’s this?

17. Game crashes on startup if the user has more than one monitor and they have different settings (DPI, possibly resolution).
• Tips: Force the game to run on another monitor by supplying -monitor N startup parameter via Steam or through command line arguments, where N is an index of a monitor (1, 2 etc.). User can try several indices and see if the game will start without a crash on one of his devices. E.g. run the game first with -monitor 1 and if it crashes, with -monitor 2 parameter.
Force one monitor before launching the game.
• Status: Known issue | Working on it