Status on Pathfinder: Kingmaker console updates and current situation

Fellow Pathfinders!

We know that things are tough with the console version of the game. It’s extremely sad that a lot of our players have their first impression flawed with all the release issues.

Please rest assured that we hear you, we see the issues you’re facing, and we’re actively working on fixing them. Unfortunately, even the very first patch for Xbox, was delayed in submission with Microsoft. Instead of being available at the game’s release, it became available only yesterday. Please make sure to update your game. This patch should improve the situation at least a little. What’s more, we already have another patch for PS4 and Xbox ready, and those are currently in submission. We can’t say when those patches will be released - the time frames for submission are outside of our control. But we’re busy preparing the next patch to put it in the line as soon as you receive the previous one.

We would love to answer every question and report, but we are quite a small team. It’s a bliss to have so many people loving our game, but sometimes the amount of feedback is too big for a few people to manage in full amount.

We still need your help though! If you face any trouble with the game, it would be best to contact us in messages or by e-mail: We can miss your comment, especially if it was left under one of our promotional posts. So, if it’s a bug, crash, or any other issue - please send us a detailed explanation of all the conditions when the bug /issue appears directly. If you’re playing on PS4, it would also be perfect if you could send us some of the “broken” saves on e-mail so we could examine them. You can find the instruction on how to extract your PS4 save file here.

We will spare no effort until the game-breaking issues are fixed and your gameplay becomes enjoyable. We appreciate your understanding in this situation.


Obviously some sort of T-rex for us to use a mount will be given as compensation? Or maybe griffon? I promise I personally won’t use it to fly to different points on the map to save time…cause you know…it’s about the quest.


Thanks Mortheim, I think a post acknowledging the situation and offering a promise of support is what we all needed.

TheZeisonSha has done a great job of responding to reports and this has been very welcome but I do feel a proactive statement instead or reactive replies is what we needed.

I think most of people’s frustration comes from the fact that you’ve all made a fantastic game but our desire to play it has been squashed by the release problems but I for one am now confident that, given time, the forum will be full of tales of our adventures and experiences.

I’ll be sure to send an email over with the issues I’ve experienced via Xbox as requested.

Thanks again.


A big thank you to you, these news almost made my day ! :slight_smile: I’m very confident that you’ll keep tracking all of those bugs and that you’ll learn a lot for the next game. So that’s a win-win, i guess. You can count on me to e-mail you about the issues i’ll step upon. Hopefully, this will become the greatest CRPG in decades ! Cheers !

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thanks, ive just sent you an email with a game ending bug

first bug ive had though in over 20 hours

amazing game up until then

Any chance you can provide us with patch notes so we can know what to expect in the coming update?


Thank you for the information!! I am throughly enjoying the experience as a whole and truly appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this game. I was unfamiliar with the studio before this but after seeing the amazing potential of this game (honestly I’ve really only encountered the already mentioned combat bugs after 40+ hours in) and the excellent communication, has definitely put you on my radar for future releases!! Thanks so much again for everything!!!

Thank you I look forward to be able to play the game again :heart:

I appreciate all the work Owlcat is putting into making Pathfinder Kingmaker bug free! This is one of the best games I have ever played and once the bugs are resolved I think it will only get better! I will continue putting in any bug reports for issues I come across! Thank you to your team for workings so diligently on this! Love the game!

thanks for the update!

This reminds me of when PKM released on PC. The bug fixes often caused more issues than the previous release. The PC build isn’t in much better shape than the consoles at the moment. I hope the game gets back to a stable, functional state soon. It took many months to get it where it was. It’s sad to see the Owlcats making the same mistakes that they did with the PC release. I’m hoping that WotR is released in a better state. The alpha wasn’t too bad for this. But, this setback has raised some doubts about the competency or perhaps a lack of a QA department. As someone who logged at least a hundred bug reports for the initial PC release and one of the people who hit the endgame early (some of you will never know that pain). I’m not eager to revisit those days.


My goodness. That sounds like a mess. It sounds like they should be paying you for acting as their QA department. I hope it doesn’t take that long to get things in order on console.

I lost all the “recent saves.” Apparently, it appeared that you were able to save (with the correct time stamp and screenshot, even though I received the warning “cannot save” blahblah - Note: I have 100gb free in my console). But when I loaded these “recent saves” → the game loaded the last save before I started receiving the “cannot save” warning! Even though the time stamp and screenshot shows “my last attempt” correctly. Nowadays, developers don’t care about consumers!

Yes, when you get that message (Cannot save because of insufficient space) it corrupts the save. It appears to work, but it doesn’t. Restart your game, then delete the last save (you have to restart first, else the delete doesn’t even work).

Did you not play your own game on an xbox one console for a few hours to test it? I mean, many of these bugs are prevalent and constant. It’s one thing if you miss a modifier on a spell effect. But when the game memory leaks to CTD constantly and saves become corrupted within a few hours of play?

Stop using us as alpha testers!


Extremely disappointing considering on the surface, this game is extremely fun to play… I feel like I threw away the purchase cost of the game on the PS4 and now because of these problems cannot play at all…


They really need to understand how important it is to have stability with their game. The pc version is having lag issues on steam as well. It really doesn’t matter if its a little bit of lagg it needs to be fixed asap. Their software needs to work with other software and not have issue. I even reinstalled windows 10. So no ofter software is really on my pc other than this game. It still has a little bit of lagg. My specs are far above what the game requires. i7 proccesor, 24 gigs ram, geforce gtx 1050 ti, 1 terrabyte. This game should easily run on max setting without a hiccup. Yet it has little hiccups and I am not ok with that at all.

Like you said its a great game I love it and I just want it to work how its supposed to. Without any lagg what so ever. Players do not want to even play a game that is jittery or slightly laggy. Its a waste of time when I can go play a game that is actually stable.