(Spoilers) Artifacts from the personal collection of Areelu Vorlesh

If you opt for the legend mythic path, Areelu will persuade you to change your mind (you can change your mind) and offer you unique artifacts from her personal collection. Does anyone know what these artifacts are?

I don’t have the game installed at the moment (I’m waiting for new content) and I don’t even have enough disk space to install it. Otherwise, I’d find out for myself.

Does it seem to me, or is the rejection and subsequent acquisition of mythic powers very advantageous? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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So Legends can regain their original mythic path choice AND get special artifacts from Areelu?! It would be interesting to find out what the artifacts are. I wonder if you end up losing any of your original powers/abilities in order to balance it out …

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It should also allow you to negate some of the bad consequences of various mythic paths (especially evil ones). Some companions will not leave, the city will not change negatively, romances may continue, etc. I’m really interested in the artifacts and the consequences.

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So you can use the Legend path as a reset button??

There must, surely, be some kind of downside to choosing to lose, then regain your original mythic powers, though …?

Hmm, I think I know what could be the problem for the demon mythic path…

This mythic path is a bit of an exception.
You can get mythic rank lvl 10 right at the beginning of act 5.
However, it requires a visit to the Abyss.

I remember choosing Legend once for fun, and almost immediately one of the demons contacted me to let me know that I was no longer welcome in the abyss. That means you’ll probably stay stuck on mythic lvl 7, if you regain your mythic path. But I may be wrong, it’s just an assumption and I don’t know how it would work for other mythic paths.

I guess it would make sense for there to be a huge downside for messing around so much with mythic powers. Areelu’s artifacts would need to be VERY special for them to be worth losing so many mythic ranks!!