[Solved] Drezen Assault - inaccessible 'Loot' behind courtyard wall

Hello all,

there is a hidden stash labeled ‘Loot’ behind an inaccessible wall on the left side of the courtyard in front of the final castle building when assaulting Drezen with no means to get to this position.

It looks like there should be some kind of secret entance to this hidden area but which is either inaccessible due to not be subject to a Perception check or the ‘Loot’ should have been located at a different location and was falsely moved to behind this wall.


Edit: Another bug has emerged from this. While looting these items during the assault on Drezen is now possible, the stash never disappears and remains part of Drezen past the assault.

This bug has been fixed as of Patch 1.1.6e. The stash contains 1x Wand of Good Hope (11x CL7), 1x Potion of Feather Step and 1x Potion of Invisibility.

Request to get this thread marked as ‘Solved’ or deleted. Sincerely.