So, I'm currently trying to do another playthrough on xbox

I have decided to try and do another playthrough on xbox. So far, I am reminded why I love this game but also all the feelings of frustration I get when the game constantly crashes.

I have managed to get further than I did last time I tried playing through this game. I am now at Varnhold Disappearing.

So far, the bugs I have encountered are numerous, all in the last week.

  1. Harrim sunk into the ground in Lady Jamandi’s courtyard floor during the proglogue.
  2. Constant crashes after the Stag Lord’s death.
  3. Once, upon starting the game after it crashed, literally everything was written as a message saying there was a bug and a bunch of numbers. It was in the place in the main menu for every option. Whether continue, load game, new game, or whatever. Every text was written as an error message.
  4. The game constantly lags and then crashes if I pause it to leave the controller for brief periods of time of around 3 minutes or so.
  5. The game crashes when saving the game.
  6. The game crashes when leaving some areas unless you reload a game that was saved right before leaving the area…and hope that the game didn’t crash while saving the game.
  7. No music in the main menu.
  8. My character’s portrait covers every illustration of Linzi’s journal for each chapter’s opening and closing.

Overall, it feels like it takes many times over more time than is necessary to get through a segment because the game crashes so much.

Despite all the flaws, I still love the game when it does work and that one reason, and only that reason, keeps me from coming back.

Owlcat, you have a serious problem with this game. So long as it remains in a broken and near unplayable state your reputation continuously suffers. I am warning people away from buying your games because of how bad this game is even so long after release.

I, and many other gamers, have been patient and that patience is running out, or has flat out run out and any goodwill has been drying up. People have lost faith in your ability to give them stable products.

Our anger is justified and your reputation has suffered. If you want gamers to buy the console version of Wrath of the Righteous you will have to prove to them that you are capable of giving them a game that doesn’t make them want to explode in anger and frustration from having a broken game.

I am a predominantly console gamer. If you want my business, and the business of others like me, you have to set aside some time, personnel and resources to fix the game you already released on console before you even think about releasing another game on console.

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Adding on to the bugs I am experiencing. I am about to enter the Valley of the Dead after getting some skull-designed incense burners.

The bugs seem to be heavily focused on some areas in the game itself. While in these areas is when the most issues pop up. So far these areas are the Silverstep lake and the City of Hollow Eyes. Also, occasionally the capital city.

The game will start lagging significantly where it feels like I am watching the game play at like 1 or 2 frames per second and if I try to enter any menu at all, whether inventory, spellbook, encyclopedia, or even press start to pause the game, the game will crash.

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Okay, just beat Vordekai and the Varnhold Vanishing chapter.

Unfortunately, that dungeon was a recipe for crashing the game. Want to save my game while in the dungeon and it crashes. It would crash when trying to rest. It would crash when pausing the game.

The crashing is getting worse and worse. The game feels stable up to and until we defeat the Stag Lord. After that it becomes a catch 22 until the game dies.

Unfortunately, I grew too frustrated with the game’s constant crashing that I’m putting this attempt to play through the game aside, again.

Until Kingmaker on console is fixed I have no reason to play.

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Dragon unfortunately OwlCat has no real reason to fix it though so you might want to just accept they screwed you and all of us console players hard.

They are too focused on their shiny new toy

Which you know they will release a half baked console version of it as well.

I will not buy WotR until Kingmaker is fixed and I’m actively encouraging other people not to buy games from Owlcat now.

I agree I’m not supporting OwlCats shady as hell business practices so no I won’t be buying Wotr until they fix kingmaker and that’s final on that front.