So, any plans to update Kingmaker on consoles?

I sincerely hope that Owlcat has plans to actually fix the games they have released so that they are actually playable. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a buggy and unplayable mess on consoles and it has not received a single patch in 2 years.

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Though I do not play on consoles, I have friends who had severe issues on consoles, mostly related to the save files being so big that progress could no longer be saved. They had to reduce their save files to a tiny number, radically.

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Anyway, Kingmaker on consoles is beyond the save file size. Here’s a list of examples that I am dealing with when I try to play on consoles.

There is no music in the title screen.

Your character’s portrait covers the entirety of Linzi’s book when she opens or closes a chapter.

The game crashes entering a new area.

The game crashes when pausing the game.

The game crashes when trying to save the game.

The game slows down to about 1 or 2 frames per second during big battles and can take up to 5 minutes to finish one single round of combat in RTwP mode.

Entire areas crash the game when you enter them, pause the game in them or try to leave them. Such as that lake village or the entirety of Varnhold Vanishing chapter. That last dungeon was a recipe for crashing the game when resting, pausing, entering combat, leaving the area, trying to save, interacting with loot, etc.

That’s as far as I got before quitting. It had become too unbearable.

The music and the portrait taking up the entirety of Linzi’s book, I can live with, the game growing more and more unstable and entire regions unable to be entered and played because they cause the game to crash, and the significant reduction in frame rates makes this game effectively unplayable on consoles like my xbox series s.

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If what I read in another thread is true, kingmaker on console won’t be fixed as owlcat lost the license to it already.

I don’t think it is impossible though that the publisher, in a flash of wisdom, realizes that it would be best for their own reputation to allow a patch that makes the game more stable.