Skald as group support

Hello there.
I just went over the skald class and it seems to be a quite good support class as it affects the whole party.
And you can choose to accept it or not so backliners can still cast while melees/ranged/summons just chop away.

Rage Song: (+6 AB +6 dmg, + haste effect)

1: Lesser Beast Totem
2: Beast Totem (+6 natural AC)
3: Guarded Stance (+6 dodge AC)
4: Reflexive Dodge (+6 reflex save)
5: Internal Fortitude (immune nauseated and sickened)
6: Fearless Rage (immune fear and shaken)

So youre looking at +6 AB, +6 dmg, +12 AC, +6 reflex save, haste and immunity to some common things for the whole party including summons.

Isnt that great?

Or you go Demon Dancer (Bite) and just get Animal Fury (Bite) + Demon Totem, lesser (Horns) and get 3 additional attacks for your whole party.

For bite, better to use hex) About other posts - agree.

Since I never run with a Bard and a Skald, I usually take Lethal Stance instead. Deadly accuracy and lethal accuracy are great increases to damage for a crit focused party, which your melees should be anyway because of the Outflank + Every Ready combination.
As in the table top, reflex saves are the least important saves, with the exception of exactly one late game fight. Immunity to fear and shaken should be granted by the aura of a Paladin - it is very worthwhile to bring one, for Mark of Justice. E.g. Seelah with one level in Oracle for a wolf animal companion is a very effective tank + buffer.

All of this has been bugged at some point, though, but I hope most is fixed by now.

The full beast totem line is really great for getting pounce as well. I believe mythic charge procs off all charge attacks, including the full attacks made with a pounce, which makes for a pretty spicy opener.

Is that for only a few rounds a day, or can you somehow use greater enduring spell to go all day. Enduring spells is supposed to be just for spells but it works on some abilities like alchemy buffs too. I don’t like abilities that are just for one or two fights.

For like 40 or 50 rounds, if you will go full skald and take some performance feats (lingering and extra)

I REALLY love Skalds and what they can do, but I have a hard time creating a viable character that can do anything in combat, also, I have a hard time fitting them into my party. Have you considered having a Barbarian in your party and have them go down the Reckless Stance path so that they can Inspire Rage on everyone, kind of like a Skad?