Should I bother?

I just bought this game on PS4 on sale but after looking here I’m wondering if I should bother even starting a game.

Don’t even download it. Contact PS and get a refund as (a) it doesn’t work (b) the Devs have 0 intention of ever fixing it and (c) they don’t deserve your money.

The games completely unplayable on console and Owl Cat ain’t gonna fix it they are too busy with Wotr which scarily is also being released on console I’m not buying it that’s a fact.

Too bad.

I bought and started Pillars of Eternity instead.

Good call. Spread the word that Owlcat are NOT to be trusted with console games, I tweet/FB as often as I can to spread the word.

I agree they need to stay on the PC and stop with console ports all my opinion anyway