Should I bother?

I just bought this game on PS4 on sale but after looking here I’m wondering if I should bother even starting a game.

Don’t even download it. Contact PS and get a refund as (a) it doesn’t work (b) the Devs have 0 intention of ever fixing it and (c) they don’t deserve your money.

The games completely unplayable on console and Owl Cat ain’t gonna fix it they are too busy with Wotr which scarily is also being released on console I’m not buying it that’s a fact.

Too bad.

I bought and started Pillars of Eternity instead.

Good call. Spread the word that Owlcat are NOT to be trusted with console games, I tweet/FB as often as I can to spread the word.

I agree they need to stay on the PC and stop with console ports all my opinion anyway

Yewni maybe you could try either Divinity 2 or Wasteland 3 both are great rpg experiences.Pillars of Eternity/Pillars of Eternity 2 are ok but they are only ok on console.But Divinity 2/Wasteland 3 are masterpieces plain and simple.

That’s the sad part about the console game.

Aside from a few bugs like the title screen music and the character portrait in Lindsey’s book, it actually runs incredibly well on console until you beat the Stag Lord. After that it just gets progressively worse.

It’s good enough to keep playing and has a fairly intuitive UI and gets you invested up to and until it becomes unbearable. There’s a reason a lot of us keep coming back to these forums to post. The game has the potential to be great and every console player knows it.

But yeah, Divinity is an excellent series to get into. Larian is making Baldur’s Gate 3 and I’m hoping that comes to console once it is fully released and out of the early access period.

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This is the truth I loved it but the bugs ruin the console port completely.

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Wish Larian would port the Divine Divinity remaster to consoles. But the Original Sin games are incredible. Yeah, they had some bugs at launch, but they, you know, actually fixed them… unlike Owlcat here.

If cRPG style games are your bag, like me, then you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Original Sin games.

I have one basic rule for a game. Absolutely -one- rule, and it’s a rule Owlcat broke.

The game has to work.

This game didn’t work before they released it, and has never worked since. They released it knowing these things and they decided to release a broken game and cheat their customers. It was a knowing, conscious decision to fuck us. They released it broken and then lied about having to wait for patch approvals to run the clock on refunds down until we were stuck with the lies and lemons they served to us. It was a purposeful, planned out con from the start, otherwise they never would have released the game for consoles in such a state.

You’re -thieves-, Owlcat. Liars, thieves, and con artists. You have no more excuses and no more retorts, as beautifully demonstrated by your silence in these forums and to the console customers at large. I’ll restate what I’ve said in two other threads just to be sure you see it.

Fuck yourselves, Owlcat.