Russia's brutal assault on the Ukraine

I truly loved Pathfinder Kingmaker. One of my favourite games of all time. I was really looking forward to purchasing and enjoying Wrath of the Righteous. In the light of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked attack on the Ukraine, however, I can no longer in good conscience send any money to support any part of Russia’s economy. I hope that Owlcat games can be a part of the efforts to put pressure on Putin’s regime to bring about peace.


Same here.

I am not sure why they have not posted an official statement regarding russian invasion of Ukraine.

By default, if a Russian person or company doesn’t state otherwise, we can assume that they agree with their government (which is conducting this war in the name of its people).

I am aware that it is very dangerous to protest against the state in Russia, but it is even more dangerous to not take any action.
Because of people who are too afraid to speak, Russia has become what it is now.
I am grateful I am not in such a situation (to choose between the right thing to do and the less dangerous one).

Until I see an official statement from Owlcat, I wont finance killing of innocent people in Ukraine.

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You’re asking the right questions, and the answers come from history. Not only does the Russian government have a history of retaliating against journalists who speak out, but there’s now a bill that would make it a crime to call for not deploying Russian forces. Anyone speaking out could face up to 15 years in prison.

Source: War in Ukraine: Europeans offer sanctuary as Ukrainians flee Russian bombardment | NPR

I’m not sure which countries you all come from but please consider the amount of privilege you have if you can speak more freely without fear that you or your family could risk your livelihood. The Owlcat team had put out a statement that they’re all thinking about their families right now. With that context I laid out, you can read between the lines that they’re not able to say what needs to be said yet.

Please don’t pressure any Russian company when your own life is not at risk.



Yeea… I agree with you, it is not right for me to criticize russian people.

I am in a comfortable and safe place without any repercussions against free speech. It is easy for me to give morale advice from such a place. Probably only ukrainians have this morale right now :frowning:
But you also have to keep in mind that for every game sold, russian regime receives additional resources to invest in Putin’s war.

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Reading between the lines on their recent Facebook post, they do not approve of what is going on. I don’t think they can be much more direct about it, as others have said in this thread…

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Please also make sure that you do not sponsor the US invasion of Syria, the War in Palestine, the War of the Turks against the Kurds.