Royal Ascension DLC on EPIC store

Do you have any mods?
Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
I just bought the Royal Ascension DLC on EPIC. Now I don’t know how to; 1st: activate it (there is no content showing up ingame (it said there would be portraits and a panda in Oleg’s trading post), 2nd: how to get the digital artbook, map, soundtrack and so on.

I also encountered a bug (DLC required) after I checked the installation of P:KM via the repair option, which gladly resolved itself after reinstalling and restarting, still no content from the new DLC though.
(I recieved the game through the EPIC giveaway, but liked it and decided to buy all the DLC to give a bit of support, since the game was already free, and have access to more content - cool game btw!)


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You have to play first through the prelugi of the game (kind of tutorial part) and after game “really” start you enter in the world map and literally first place (well, second you do get one random encounter before it) where you enter will be Oleg’s trading post. After you get there and do bit of exploring you can get inside and walk upstears. There is a free bed what you can use to rest (as free) and end of that bed is open coffin where you can store all items you want to and there are also these DLC items.

I’ve been there already, I just bought Royal Ascension before I wanted to play Varnhold’s Lot - because why not have them all (I’m at the Varnhold part in the main story (I will backtrack 30min since I read you should play Varnhold first)) when I first played through the the prelude I bought all the other DLC (the Tieflings, Varnhold and the Dungeon one) because I thought I’ll spend a bit of time with this - so why not buy them - and they all work - I can go to the depths, I can make a Tiefling, I can play Varnhold and I have the scroll merchant and Tiger, just the Royal Ascension, which I bought later doesn’t work. So I don’t have the Panda and can’t select more Portraits and also don’t know where to find the other goodies (map, soundtrack etc.)

I have game in GoG so for me direct path to these items (music, map, artbook, Avellone game module and other stuff) is:
Drive:\Instal_Directory\GOG Galaxy\Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker!Downloads

When you start a new game you SHOULD be able to choose new portraits. It can be that if you bought that one DLC later then others(?) you have to start a new game

Or try to load a game BEFORE you first enter Oleg’s trading post (just to make sure) if Panda is there

Edit: if these do not help try to delete game and install it again. Then start a new game. Atleast you can quite fast see if you have few new portraits or no.

Well, The folder on EPIC is, for anyone interested: Drive:[your directory]\Epic Games\RoyalAscensionDLC\DigitalRewards
It’s a bit irritating that it’s not listed under Pathfinder: Kingmaker But as it’s own thing.
As for the portraits and the Panda, I tried restarting and reinstalling (also logged in and out of EPIC), both don’t show up in pre-existing saves and new games. Seems like a flag won’t activate or something. Could have to do with the implementation into EPIC as the Royal Ascension DLC seems to not be part of the “main installation” as the other DLC are, but rather its own entity with a cover of its own in the library, while the others don’t. I don’t know.
The problem may lie with EPIC, so I contacted them. I’ll keep this updated with whatever they tell me and whether it’s solved, if you got any further ideas they’re welcome.


i have the same issue any updates ? @notnewbutyork

A digital module for your tabletop adventures - what is it?

It is more or less normal 36 page adventure module what is made by Chris Avellone and check by (and qualified) Paizo.
Authors are: Chris Avellone, Alexander Mishulin and Arseniy Krymov.
Designers: Chris Avellone, Alexander Mishulin and Filipp Kovalev
Developer James Jacobs
Additional Development: Erik Mona and Mark Moreland
Editior: Vic Wertz
4 artists for different art, Cartographer and graphic design
Creative Director: James Jacobs
Publisher: Erik Mona
And some playtesters.
All rights are either for Paizo or Owlcat Games
Adventure is designed for 4 PC using medium XP track. They begind at level 8 and should hit for level 10 when adventure is over.
This module can be used for part of the Kingmaker Adventure or any existing campaign, or it can serve as a standalone adventure. Let just say that some of the adventurer’s obtain an object during they play (not so hard object for GM to do…) and this module can start when GM so wish for.
Hope that was helpfull and did not spoil anything.