Rogue Trader Core Rule Book Fantasy Flight Games

So Rogue Trader is going to be based but not followed to Rogue Trader Core Rule Bool by Fantasy Flight Games correct? If I purchase the core rules I should have a good understand of the world and system?

The world, I feel confident I can say yes.

The system/rules, folks outside Owlcat do not know.

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Yes, I am confident of the same. Everything would be speculation right now, but we can speak to the Owlcat process/philosophy from the PF games.

  • This is a studio of people who are massive fans of the P&Ps games. The first thing they did with KM and WotR was for the entire (I think entire) studio to play the P&P version of the adventure path.

  • They try to stay as close to the original rules as possible. In the KM beta they had polls and discussions about necessary alterations to rules (flanking in a real-time, concentration checks, converting arcane trickster’s social abilities, etc).

  • They included almost the entire PF core rulebook just ignoring useless feats. Then, relevant stuff from the APG and ACG, adventure path and region-specific stuff, and companion-specific.


I found this: Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader To be Based On The Tabletop RPG D100 Rules

Which claims that the videogame will be based on the D100 system developed by FFG. The article says this is based on statements by OCG.