Resting issues

I put my party through two rounds of camping until healed. The camping materials were gladly taken out of my inventory each time but I noticed I didn’t heal at all and it was as if my characters were “up” for 5 days straight as they were all exhausted and fatigued. What’s more, when I sleep in Oleg’s, only my character was actually rested. I had another party member who was exhausted before and was still exhausted after.

Returned to Oleg’s. Slept again. Valerie has permanent fatigue and exhaustion. The, um, “strange” elf also has permanent exhaustion.

Go outside and check if your companion is assigned to more than one camping role.
If a companion is, the companion can’t rest and stays fatigued and exhausted. Unassign the companion from some roles, so he isn’t assigned for more than one.
That is a feature.

But the rest should ignore assignments on Oleg’s Trading Post, that’s a bug and we know about it. It should be fixed in the nearest patch.

Is that true also for watches? So, for example, I can’t have my cook on a watch?

You actually have little dots above character portraits on top. IF more than one of them is filled - he won’t rest.
ANY place on the resting board fills one. So yes, your cook shouldn’t be on a watch.

This desperately needs to be indicated better. Adding a second job for someone also increases the time required to rest, I assumed this was the only cost. Never even occurred to me that might be the problem.

I agree, this is not clearly indicated.

I do not really understand the point of assigning multiple roles to one character. When would you ever go ahead and have someone stay fatigued? To get healing or restorative spells for your Cleric to use and then camp again to get everyone else rested? For Jaethal, who doesn’t fatigue? Unless there is a better reason, maybe they should just just limit everyone to one role.

On another note, I’d like a toggle to rest until the hunters gather enough rations to camp, not dipping into my reserves. This would allow me to conserve my camping supplies and rations for places where resting is allowed but hunting is not. As it is now, camping supplies and rations that you buy (or are given as a reward) are just consumed as you camp and really provide no benefit.

At least in the P&P version, some spells and powers remove fatigue. And some characters are immune to fatigue.

Sometimes, my Paladin never gets rested, even when only assigned to only one job. He is constantly exhausted. It may be due to the recurring nightmares?

Anywho, yes, it needs to be shown better what the implications are of having several jobs.

What I don’t understand is why cooking, hunting and stealthing should exclude you from guard duty?

I know I can cook in real life and do other stuff too, without being fatigued…

Yep, that’s because of the nightmares.
And yeah, it’s not obvious right now that having more than one job stops you from getting rested.

On a related note, it;s really frustrating travelling from Oleg’s to anywhere to the south of some distance and by the time you get there your fatigued and so the first thing you have to do is camp again. This wouldn’t be so bad also if the rations weren’t so heavy, i know there is a bug with how encumbrance is being calculated, but you can barely carry anything without slowing down your characters to a crawl, if you want to carry enough supplies to be able to camp. I think the execution of camping supplies and encumbrance needs some tinkering, it is certainly reducing the fun factor of playing the game, which is awesome, but i think it needs to be “adapted” a bit more for the game, It feels reductive and punitive as things stand.

Yes, nightmares prevent being well rested.

While I agree that it can be rough to travel far, I think it is awesome that you need to camp out. My largest annoyance is that supplies cost so much! If they were cheaper, trail rations in the TT cost 5 silver… 5…and can maintain an adventurer just fine!

I don’t know if mounts are planned in the future, like an upgrade that will reduce all travel time by a huge chunk? It doesn’t have to be implemented as a unit you can use in combat.

That could also reduce the annoyance (which is really important when talking about video games).

Dang, then my viewer was right :smiley: Thanks!

So…Don’t use them? Rations are only necessary if you want to camp INSIDE a dungeon, which is a terrible idea anyway. for all other resting you don’t need rations, you can hunt.

Only if your hunters come back with food and… they don’t always.
They also don’t always come back with enough for the whole group to rest so there is that too.

i really don’t think cooking and securing the camp should keep your crew fatigued. hunting i can understand, but come on, cooking one meal?

how do i get rid of permanent ability score damage? no rest, no potion, no scroll? been walking around with amiri with a 3 dexterity. not fun at all!

Those are the only ways to get rid of permanent ability score damage. Resting, using lesser/normal restoration potions, or receiving a spell of the same.