Questions regarding Trickster builds

I’m looking to do a new playthrough now that a bit of DLC has stacked up and I’d like to do a Trickster run. However, before I commit, I have a few questions:

  1. Are there any major bugs with the Trickster? Any of the Mythic Tricks that don’t work? Some quick googling revealed that a lot of Improved/Greater Mythic Tricks were bugged around release. Has all this been patched up?

  2. Am I understanding Mobility 3 correctly? The way I read it, if your Skill level is high enough, you are essentially immune to anything with an Attack roll. Same question for Stealth 3 and Magic. Wouldn’t a character with Mobility 3 and Stealth 3 (and properly stacked skills) be essentially immune from harm?

  3. Does UMD3’s Wizard spellbook use INT as the casting stat? If yes, would a Dark Elementalist be a good synergy there (INT-based Kineticist)?

  4. Does Sneak Attack work with Elementalist blasts?

Thanks in advance for any help