Pure junk, a complete disgrace

I haven’t played this game in a long time because I was fed up of all the crashes and save destroying bugs, so I decided to install it on my series x and play for a few hours last night. Went back to it today and my saves from last night have disappeared???
How can owl cat get away with this? I paid for this last year send STILL cannot play it. This is the worst product I’ve ever encountered in 35 years of gaming.
Absolutely disgusting, this company should be truly ashamed


By chance, did you play on Last Azlanti Mode?

No i didnt. I’m just so fed up of I feel cheated

And it’s still dreadful

Post about it on their social media and Paizo’s as well. I’m sure Paizo would be very interested to know that Owlcat is using their IP to steal from customers. Link this forum to Paizo and let them see how we’ve been treated. Owlcat is a company of liars and it’s very clear they don’t care about anything but cheating people out of their hard earned money with defective products.