PS5 Error Code CE-100005-6

Got this error with a brand new and sealed PS4 copy of kingmaker.
Installation stuck at the same GB everytime.
Game is playable, but installation never finishes.

Do I still got a bad copy and should get a new one?

I’mma hit you with it fast, and I want you to know I say this knowing that if it wasn’t for the crashes and bugs this would probably be one of my favorite games out there, but if you have the chance to return this game and get your money back… Do it. Don’t exchange it, don’t try and troubleshoot it, don’t hope that a new disk or a fresh installation will fix it.

Get your money back and abandon Owlcat Games.


get that refund if u still can my friend. this is a horrible and immoral company

Avoid this company at all costs when it comes to console games.

Okay, thx for your honest opinions.
As I bought the game on ebay from private, refund is not an option.

A friend of mine, tried to install the game on his PS5 also, but he got the same error.
So at least it might be an issue with my copy.

I’m nonetheless will buy another copy someday, as I’m pretty heavy into pathfinder RPG, but I think I’ll wait for a good deal and take care of my pile of shame in the meantime