PS4 patch-notes 01.02 - 16 September 2020

Interesting… I’ll have to try that and try reproducing some of those glitches. Thankfully, I can just rush through maps since I know the first two hours by heart at this point.

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:sweat_smile: All the people having no idea how to program a game becoming experts.

I thought: when saved data is showing up in a menu, so it is sort of pre-loaded in the game (otherwise you would have to go access it yourself), so what if, as you said remnants of data, preloaded, cached whatever, a memory leak of sorts as you said bloats your gameplay and savegames until the game can’t handle it anymore, crashes and/or isn’t able to save it - something like that.

Oh how I love beeing reminded of late 2011/early 2012 :slightly_frowning_face:

But seriously what you point out is exactly what I would do: only have what you need. - Many have this habit, including me, to have maaaany savegames which let’s be honest we actually never use.

And I would play with 1 character and not make several at the same time. - Btw. That’s my usual way of playing, having only a few characters at best over several months or years. - It seems as if people playing this game make dozens of characters? Once I’m done (how long is the game in theory? 200 hours?), I’d delet all unnecessary savegames - at least right now with this game.
And clean the cache of your console.


I always delete anything beyond my third manual save. Besides that autosaves and quick saves overwrite themselves.

Yes, all this is reminiscent of the original Skyrim release on PS4. Where we couldn’t go over 12MB in a save file. I too am still having issues with the save files error.

Small team, big project. I am irritated but sympathetic at the same time. I will say, I hope, hope, hope that Owlcat is not using the Agile Development model. This wreaks of that - build it → devs try things out as they go → end user is the QA tester to save $$ on QA.

For those asking - RESPEC is now working. Thankfully.

Save game error reared its ugly head once more after the patch. I was able to play for maybe 3 hours before it showed up again.

Season of Bloom - based on many comments on these forums, and my own anectodal evidence, this seems to be one of the biggest problem areas of the game, and precisely where I started having my own save issues. Right after completing it and all the way back to the capitol.

I waited for the patch before playing any further, and it seemed better until it wasn’t. As someone else noted - the patch notes on the PS4 do not list the save game bug as being fixed. I have stopped playing again until this is fixed, or someone comes up with a solid workaround. Thanks to those who posted regarding keeping the save files limited.

Looking forward to going back to this once the save file issue is corrected.

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Also having the issue where l2 and r2 don’t work on map screen. That’s a tough one as cannot manage characters or rest at all on map screen.

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Awesome! Thank you for the fixes, working great!

Hi its great u fixed so much.

Loved how you fixed the balck screen in varnholds lot…
Now there is a black screen that occurs after meeting Stefanos in your throne room for the first time. You speak to him then a black screen pops up after he leaves ambient sounds and music still in the background.
This didnt happen on my first play through only now after the patch…

How long till this one is patched and maybe could u test to make sure it won’t happen anywhere else with the new patch

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Downloaded the new patch on my PS4 slim. 30 minutes into playing the game crashed while trying to load the world map. This also happened several more times over the few hour’s that I played last night both during loading the map or after trying to save. Also loading from a save and the game would kick me to the main menu when it got about half-way through the load. Had bad memory leakage/lagg in the main square area’s of my capital. I am going to try to respec some of my chr’s later to see if that is working or not. Also during the memory leakage lagg in main square area’s I had all of my recruited chr’s and merc’s pop up and start following me around and they seemed to be bunched up as well as popping in and out of the floors and buildings in the area. Still having issues with Chr’s ending turn’s early also, such as Amiri after starting a rage.

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Yeap, Varnhold DLC gets stuck literally in the last screen lol, still cant finish it, was this not tested? guess we have to wait another 2 weeks…


I do still have this problem too. I contacted the support by e-mail. (3 auto-saves, 3 quick-saves, 2 manual saves (an old one and a recent). Yesterday I had at least 3 crashes (blue screen) in 4 hours of playtime (a crash every 1h30-2h). And I stopped playing after I had the insufficient space message.

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I saw your email, thank you. We are working on it.


Well you should also know you can’t enter the dwarven ruins/ trobold in chapter 2 because the enterance icon is missing which means i can’t progress through the rest of the story now


Hi! I’m looking for a save before you meet Stefano. Do you have one? Could you upload it somewhere for me?

We need to check your save. Can you export it on USB and upload somewhere for me?

I just bought an USB should coming on Sunday where do you want me to upload it?

Another issue in tro old. I finished the trobold quest, and killed “you know who” (anti spoiler). When outside trobold all the scripted encounters like jazon, and kobolds outside fortress, happened again


Kudos on the protagonist name and reference.

I have been getting corrupted save files all day long… Each of my saves are 48mb now, so maybe they are getting up tot he failure size…

I just went to delete my “extra” saves, and I only had 1 auto-save and 1 quick save… It’s like saving doesn’t work at all anymore

I’m considering deleting and removing quicksaves and autosaves and stick to three manual saves which I’ll delete instead of saving over them. I figure this won’t change anything, though.

But, to delete a manual save, you need to quit the game and g to storage right? And all the loading!