Poll: Will Owlcat Screw Console Players Again With The New Pathfinder Game

  • Yes
  • No, they’ve… learned their lesson… ?
  • I want to say no but I know better

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Yes, they will. But only if you let them. You’ve seen them for what they are based on their past behavior, and they’ll only screw you again if you decide to give them more of your hard earned money for a product that -will- be broken and sold to you under fraudulent promises. So don’t give them another cent more and make sure to share your past experiences all over their social medias, but especially Paizo’s own. There’s other companies out there that would do well by the Pathfinder IP, and it’s time Owlcat lost their little cash cow and went out of business.

Fun addition, in the XBox reviews for the game an actual Larian employee left a review detailing what was wrong with the game and that if contacted, Larian could help them fix it. To my knowledge there had been no response, and it’s absolutely shameful that a game could be broken so badly that another developer studio would publicly call you out on your bullshit.

Pinch yourselves Owlcat. This is no dream. You’ve become the kind of developer every studio swears they’ll never become.

No need to be that angry. Owlcats make really cool games, which bring our favourite Pathfinder mechanics into reality, and I am very grateful for this. And you like them also, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Where I can definitely agree, that the developers should put more effort into game polishing and testing of the new mechanics and stuff they add. I really hope that Owlcat hire more testers, who know their stuff, because I should admit, that currently, it seems sometimes, that they don’t test things at all, which results on some really dull bugs, which are right there on the surface.

So, being an experienced software developer myself, I can say, that this is not because of developers, they do splendid job, but it’s all about management and Quality Assurance. Owlcat, please, hire more people to your QA department, test the game more, listen to the players more, they submit tons of bugs to you through Alt + B and here on the forum.

Additionally, introduce “Early Access” or “Alpha” / “Beta” modes, where some people could help you with the testing and polishing of new game releases. But this should not be the only testing you have out there. Spend your resources wisely.

And yes, before focusing on DLCs and other add-ons, please fix critical issues for players, so they carry on buying your games on consoles. This should be obvious that this exactly money will allow you to develop the game further.

Thanks a lot for these outstanding games, thanks for being there for us, please, carry on!
But also, please, pay more attention to the quality of the product, which you roll out to the public.

Have you played Kingmaker on console ? If so, which one ?

If not, you do not understand the extent of the issue. It has nothing to do with common Owlcat bugs.

nb : I play on PC and wait about a year before playing Owlcat games, but my friends on consoles have critical issues (mostly Xbox I think).

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Bugs are graphical glitches, the occasional crash, and falling through the clipping in a corner. What you don’t seem to understand is that this game did never, has never, and will never work, and it was knowingly released in such a state. The crashes are constant, the memory leaks severe, save corruption is rampant, and that’s -if- it even lets you save because it thinks there is no hard drive space to save with.

Owlcat as developers failed to create a working title and failed to fix a broken one, and Owlcat management -chose- to release a product they knew was broken in the interest of getting a quick payday before word got out that the title was defective and people figured out that it was never going to be addressed.

Owlcat was never there for us, and should not be allowed to carry on. Just because someone who stole from you made something amusing at some point does not change the fact that they are a -thief-, and will steal from you again given the chance.

Again, I urge anyone reading this to be warned against purchasing any further products from this predatory and dishonest developer. The facts show that they chose to cheat us willingly, and that’s disgusting.

Edit: In regards to me being here because I must ‘like them also’, don’t be mistaken. I’m here to -warn- others and the general public about this malignant studio, and doing it on their own forums seems appropriate. This was my first purchase from them and I was stolen from, lied to, and left out to dry. Be grateful if you like, but I’m not grateful for being a victim of fraud.

I think you are seriously underestimating how upset console owners of the game are. Day 1 patches were delayed for weeks, we’ve gone a year and a half without a single patch and the only thing in about that same amount of time console players have heard on the forums from ANYONE at Owlcat was that they were not working on Kingmaker on consoles because they needed to focus on Wrath of the Righteous.

Well, Wrath of the Righteous came out, still nothing until they announced that Wrath of the Righteous was coming out on consoles. I made a thread saying they shouldn’t even attempt to do that until Kingmaker is fixed. Radio silence.

It’s also been recently announced that Owlcat is starting to work on a new IP.

Consumer confidence in Owlcat for consoles is an all-time low. We are hearing nothing, getting nothing, and nothing has been done on consoles since January 2021. The game bricks some people’s consoles, cannot be beaten, and players can lose 20-50 hours of content because of the constant crashing, save corruption issues and the game breaking bugs.

The game is just not playable on consoles.

As someone who finished the console version, I’d like to add: Kingmaker was more playable before they patched it. At least the PS4 version.

I can only assume that the new game will be in a better initial state, but I doubt the patching will be any better. After all, the console publisher is still Koch Media. They don’t believe in quality assurance and their support budget is pretty tight - if they have one at all.

The Xbox port was definitely left in a worse state than the PS4 port. Another thing Owlcat lied about on this very forum.

After getting burned with kingmaker I’m sure the xbox version of wrath will be rubbish

Don’t be the sucker who buys it to find out. You’ve been cheated once by them already, and they made zero effort to make good on it. Other companies like Hello Games and CD Projekt Red released dumpster fires but then worked hard to fix it. Owlcat released a game they knew was broken and then took the money and ran, leaving us victims of fraud. Post these forums to their social media as well as Paizo’s and communicate with them in the only language they understand. Their wallet.

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Considering on the Xbox version you can’t even level up your characters you can’t select spells and there are a lot of fucking bugs and issues that they just are not going to be fixed and they’re not going to fix them they’ve already said they’re not going to fix them they said that there were issues that they couldn’t fix and thats bullshit it’s just complete and total bullshit that’s why I’m not going to buy the new game I’m not going to support them and their shady as fuck console ports and practices Owlcat should stick to PC only that way the modding community can fix their broken fucking game.

So they released the Xbox port of WotR in an utterly broken state, the Day One patch is again MiA. Owlcat once again blames Microsoft’s verification process. Meanwhile they’ve begun work on their next game. It’s the same shit all over again. What an absolute.joke of a developer.

36% of the voters in this poll said Owlcat learned their lesson :grin:

No : 9% said they learnt their lesson. Out of 11 votes only (so 1 person).

It was declared recently that Owlcat lost the copyright or license for Kingmaker on console… due to some deal with the publisher, and that might explain why Kingmaker on console is not updated anymore. I know, I know, that does not excuse the buggy port (no need to tell me the obvious). I am just sharing an info: it is not my position or opinion.

This is very good news. They don’t deserve the license, and Paizo were right not to extend it any further. It’s clear Owlcat are absolutely incompetent at best and more likely maliciously fraudulent. I would be happy to see their doors being shuttered for keeps next. It’s what thieves and liars deserve.

They lost it though only for a technical paper reason : the rights stayed with the parent company, which I think was the video game publisher.

EDIT : they made WotR, so logically Paizo gave them a new license. Owlcat lost the license for Kingmaker because the publisher reserved it for profits.

I did not study the issue though, so I could be wrong.

EDIT : That said, their games are great and beloved by CRPG players, so you are grossly exaggerating. There is an ethical issue with releasing with so many bugs and therefore bad management (QA).

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It seems like by your own metric that I’m not exaggerating then. Ethically, they are liars for selling their paying customers a product that was claimed to work, but was very clearly known to be faulty. the definition of fraud is as follows.

wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Being they are absolutely guilty of this, they don’t deserve to be in business let alone hold a popular IP. I’m not sure what you think I’m exaggerating about being that I said nothing about their popularity, but my point is clear and solid.

OwlCat games are thieves, liars, and con artists. The proof of this is very, very evident on multiple boards on this forum, with the same issues running rampant in WotR that were in Kingmaker. Once again, they have, as per this thread’s poll, screwed their paying customers. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more Pathfinder games from them, and rightly so. IP holders don’t like when their products are used for mass fraud.

For the record, here’s Owlcat’s response from Reddit:

Q: You abandoned Kingmaker consoles! How can I be sure you’ll properly update this game?

A: There’s a sad story that we can finally reveal: we’ve lost the ownership for Kingmaker back in 2019, when going independent from our parent company, my.com. That happened shortly before Kingmaker console release. After a very short period outlined by the contract, we’ve stopped receiving any money from the game. We continued the support for as long as we could after that, but eventually we were forced to stop development. Luckily, Wrath of the Righteous doesn’t have this problem - the game is ours, and we’re fully commited to update it for as long as it is needed.


That makes what they did all the more disgusting then. Some facts.

Kingmaker was released for consoles on August 17, 2020. If your facts are also correct, then they released the game a FULL YEAR after they both lost the rights -and- knew they wouldn’t have the money to support it. Knowing the console conversion wasn’t done yet and they wouldn’t be able to support it, they released it -knowingly unfinished and broken- to a paying audience, also knowing they would not be supporting it.

That. Is. Fraud.

wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

They released it knowing for a full year in advance that they would never support it and they took advantage of their paying customers purely to fleece money from them. I thank you very, very much for clearing all doubt from this particular matter and for also making clear the disgusting company that Owlcat is.

And they haven’t seen a cent of this money, because everything went to my.com and Koch Media.

IF their statement is correct, of course.

This is a very interesting situation.

If they are telling the truth then they didn’t stand to profit from releasing the game on consoles because they had lost the license. That actually removes any possibility of fraud being a thing that is happening here.

With that being said, if it is true then that makes their management absolute idiots. If they lost the license then they do not have the responsibility to put the game out on consoles. That would be Koch Media’s responsibility. Owlcat could simply have just dropped the project for consoles and said “okay, this is your circus so it’s your monkey. You port it.”

There is only one other alternative to that: Owlcat was contractually obligated to finish the port to consoles before losing the license and were legally required to do so.

However, if this is true then Owlcat is really bad at business. They need to make a profit because no business survives without it. Even breaking even can cause them to lose money when it comes to royalty fees, payroll and taxes as concurrent costs that never go away. Putting a game out that you can’t make money off of due to losing the license and not fixing it is a surefire way to destroy your reputation.

Which is exactly what happened with the console players of Kingmaker.

Owlcat will never live it down because Kingmaker is under their name and is still unplayable on consoles, like the xbox, to this day and that will follow them forever.

If Owlcat EVER gets around to fixing Kingmaker, I’ll still play it on my xbox because I own it, but I’d want a lot of free goodies to go along with it as an apology for the massive inconvenience that the 2 year wait for a working game has been. Anything les than that would be bad business. No business should ever do anything that will make its customers want to shop somewhere else.