Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Update 1.3.7b Patch notes


The update 1.3.7b has arrived! We’ve fixed more items and mechanical issues, a broken condition for (spoiler!) the secret ending, and some graphic issues. Read more below, but beware of possible plot spoilers!

And don’t forget to update your mods if you play with them.


  • One of the conditions for the secret ending didn’t work correctly in a certain case: when you witnessed Areelu rescuing the Suture in Colyphyr Mines, it didn’t unlock the required dialogue option later – fixed.


  • A scripted opening of the gate in Blackwater didn’t always trigger properly – fixed;
  • Forn Autumn Haze could stay in Drezen even after his death – fixed;
  • Using one of the portals in the Middle City of Alushinyrra could lead to a character getting stuck – fixed.


  • Wenduag could participate in the crusade council meetings during chapter 3 from behind the zone borders – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Animal Focus — Mouse now properly gives evasion to animal companion;
  • Desna’s Bell Toll, Desna’s Lullaby Harp, Tree’s Friend buffs no longer apply to all the companions;
  • Extra Mythic Ability mythic feat didn’t allow choosing Thundering Blows – fixed;
  • Fixed the incorrect appliance of Cookie For a Song buff while resting on the Azata Island;
  • Fixed the incorrect duration of all resting buffs from Azata Island;
  • Ghouls are now fully undead;
  • Glitterdust and Starlight spells now suppress Greater Invisibility;
  • Inspire Rage didn’t share the Scent rage power with the nearby allies – fixed;
  • Inspired Rage deactivated with a delay if an ally decided to deactivate it – fixed;
  • Now Regill continues his auto level up after level 18, stubbornly meeting the blows of fate;
  • Now, the skeleton fighter will be able to choose a weapon training group;
  • Order of the Star cavalier’s Calling now works as intended and allows you to choose its bonus;
  • Skald is now able to select wizard, cleric, and druid secrets when choosing the Loremaster prestige class;
  • Thassilonian specialists now have a Dismiss spell cantrip for area spells, and it works in old saves and for all schools;
  • The DC for most mythic abilities now is 10 + half character level + mythic rank + max ability modifier;
  • The Echolocation spell didn’t allow to ignore Mirror Image – fixed;
  • The Negative Energy Mastery ability now works correctly with the Kinetic Blade;
  • The Wracking Ray spell now deals the correct amount of ability damage;
  • Touch of Glory now works as intended;
  • Vulpine Pounce now properly gives the pounce;
  • The Sold Youth debuff description was updated.


  • A new meal recipe for the Inevitable Excess DLC was missing; now it can be found in the chest with all other recipes near the Threshold entrance;
  • Ambrosial Attire of Arcane Annihilation will be equipped into the shirt slot now;
  • Battle Mage’s Headband now grants intelligence bonus instead of wisdom;
  • Clemency of Shadows used to summon a spider when the character was invisible – fixed;
  • Embrace of the Faceless now works as it should and also works with Selective Metamagic;
  • Finger of the Heiress heavy pick now works as intended;
  • Gloves of Resourceful Magus now work with Eldritch Scion Magus Archetype;
  • Happy Traveler’s Shirt now works only in combat;
  • Magician’s Ring will no longer have duplicates;
  • Ring of Sacred Touch now works correctly with touch healing spells;
  • Robe of Order now works according to its description;
  • Singing Steel Breastplate now counts as light armor for armor proficiencies and speeds up Bard and Skald perfomances;
  • The Bound of Possibility now works correctly for the Angel mythic path;
  • The Exquisite Chain Barding armor now grants +2 dexterity bonus;
  • The Lizard Tail belt now correctly adds AC to companions and animal companions;
  • The Whistling Killer dart now works according to its description.


  • Sometimes you couldn’t see in the description where you found an item – fixed;

  • Animal companion sometimes moved at the wrong angle – fixed;

  • Goggles of Pure Sight now suit the elves properly.