Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.3.4c Patch notes


The update 1.3.4c is here!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • We’ve made the clock puzzle in the final dungeon of Inevitable Excess DLC easier;
  • After liberating Kenabres (since chapter 2), when resting on its map, the party will no longer gain corruption, and will lose it instead;
  • At the cemetery, it’s now possible to get past the trap to disarm it;
  • In the Rich Quarter, some corpses of the cultists were impossible to loot – fixed;
  • Gelatinous Cube didn’t get close enough to push the column on it – fixed;
  • In Ivory Sanctum there was a trap impossible to disarm – fixed;
  • You can no longer finish chapter 4 and start chapter 5 if you have undistributed mythic level.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Aura of Courage won’t be giving immunity to buffs and spells with Evil descriptor anymore, and will work as its description says;
  • The Know Your Enemy ability of Student of War now properly activates as a swift action at the 7th level;
  • Fixed the description of the Icy Prison spell and the DC formula to get out of it;
  • Delay Poison didn’t work on quasit poison – fixed.


  • Changed the DC for Rod of Mortiferous Blizzard, making it more useful in the main campaign.


  • One Slab with Red Symbol was missing an icon – fixed;
  • Navigational arrows were missing from the global map – fixed;
  • The glossary links for “Summon vavakias” and “Summon Vrocks” decrees didn’t work in the dialogue – fixed.


  • Battle music kept playing during the first dialogue with Langrat – fixed;
  • Sendri could address Brodie during camping, even the latter was dead – fixed;
  • Small ghouls no longer carry huge bows;
  • The game now “remembers” that Gesmerha and Marhevok died in chapter 5.