Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.3.3c and 1.3.3e Patch notes


We’ve prepared a hot-fix for the problem some of you have been experiencing since yesterday, that is, when your party kept following you in the hubs, like the tavern, crusader’s camp, Drezen and so on. Your companions will relax now and stop following you. Another issue this fix addresses is that some bosses had treacherous minions who were helping you in battles—now they will be hostile to you. We’ve also fixed the Blooming Meadow location.

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a happy crusade!

The update 1.3.3c is here!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • Fixed Elan’s lines in Seelah’s quest;
  • It was impossible to kill Inai through dialog - fixed
  • Fixed dialogue option in Camelia’s quest;
  • Fixed the option to complete Hylor’s quest after the death of certain NPCs;
  • Fixed the start of The Pillar’s Counsel for Lich.


  • Fixed transition in Drezen citadel;
  • Fixed the transitions between locations in Threshold.


  • Fixed the description of the paladins unit;
  • Fixed the display of unit barks.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Fixed the swarm behavior;
  • Daggers now deal slashing and piercing damage;
  • We sent the rogue from the Kenabres Graveyard to be retrained, and he now uses the bow correctly;
  • Prestige class Loremaster didn’t allow picking Wizard Spell, Druid Spell and Cleric Spell - fixed;
  • After killing Cheliax Queen player gained two mythic levels instead of one - fixed;
  • Mythic demon in chapter 5 could use the secret passageway from chapter 3 - fixed;
  • Fixed bug with inability to choose Legend’s path in chapter 5.
  • Creature under the effect of great invisibility now does not lose the effect after the 1st attack in combat.


  • Added personal name colors for Rekarth and Sendri;
  • Increased the base view radius on the global map;
  • Golden Chalice now has an icon;
  • The local map now changes lighting depending on the time of day, even if you do not leave the location;
  • The local map is now a little brighter at night.


  • Character’s clothes could turn gray after starting a new game - fixed;
  • Fixed a bug that could spawn two Yozzes in Drezen;
  • Zombies on Graveyard played crawling animation when players left combat - fixed;
  • In some cases, invisible barriers appeared in the spiders’ lair - fixed;
  • Fixed the doors in turn-based mode;
  • Minor text fixes in book events;
  • Robe of Fire now equips in shirt slot;
  • Player character and some units could float in the air - fixed;
  • Fixed a bug in the interaction with Yaniel’s corpse.