Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.3.2c Patch notes


The update 1.3.2c is here! And the achievements unlock again now!

If you experience any issues after the patch, please try to verify the integrity of game files. And if you use mods, don’t forget to update them.

Known issue: In Areelu’s Lab, the projectors malfunction right now, but Suture will try to fix them in the next update.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • Camellia’s romance event in chapter 5 still triggered, even if you didn’t choose her during the jealousy scene – fixed;
  • Demon’s mythic quest could fail in chapter 5 when it wasn’t supposed to – fixed;
  • Improved the dialogue with the undead Staunton in chapter 5. He will no longer get confused about Minagho’s fate, and the dialogue cues for Angel and Lich won’t be available for other mythic paths anymore;
  • In some cases, during the jealousy scene in chapter 5, characters wouldn’t react to the player’s choice – fixed;
  • In the catacombs book event, Frada got less loot from the cavern than Langrat - fixed;
  • Sometimes, after her quest, Morevet got confused, whether Zerieks was alive or dead. We gave her some meds for her memory;
  • Wenduag’s romance dialogue branch in chapter 5 was available, even you locked yourself out of her romance – fixed;
  • Ziforian fought against the player and didn’t say his line in the dialogue, when he was on the player’s side – fixed.


  • A commoner in the catacombs stopped yelling their lines while running away from centipedes – fixed;
  • After the cutscene in the temple, Langrat returned to his place without animation – fixed;
  • Enemies could attack during the cutscene with Langrat in the temple – fixed;
  • Fixed camera movements inside the Hellknights Outpost;
  • Fixed navigation errors in Drezen;
  • Fixed one more reason why Yozz could disappear from Drezen if you told him to wait. If he already disappeared, you need to leave Drezen and come back again, and Yozz will return;
  • Fixed the disappearance of characters’ models in Sevalros’s Lair;
  • In the catacombs below the theater, if you managed to sneak past the spider, an invisible wall could block your access to loot – fixed;
  • In the Catacombs, a failed mobility check didn’t deal damage – fixed;
  • In Inevitable Excess, a non-functional trap was removed from Iz;
  • It’s possible now to set the oil in the Catacombs on fire by using Alchemist’s bomb ability;
  • One home guard in the Rich Quarter didn’t follow the party – fixed;
  • Optimized Neathholm area;
  • The texts of plays in the theater were mixed up – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Eye of the Swarm now works correctly on the clones of the Swarm That Walks;
  • Fixed the error with auto-leveling after retraining (the character’s stats would be too high);
  • Fixed merging of the mythic spellbook and a spellbook of a spontaneous caste;
  • Metamagic (Bolster Spell) now only hits the enemies;
  • Arsinoe now sells Alchemist’s Kits VI and Scroll Scriber’s Kits IX;
  • Zero State spell dispelled abilities that were never meant to be dispelled. Resolution: Toggle abilities and Arueshalae’s Desna’s Aegis buff can’t be dispelled now.


  • Fixed the position of hanged corpses;
  • Sometimes, when you put on and removed an item in the inventory, it would not display on the character’s doll properly – fixed.


  • Achievements were not working – fixed;
  • Fixed the issue of infinite loading of a save with a monk under polymorph effect;
  • On the global map, the dashed line crossed the junction points above them instead of below – fixed.
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