Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.3.1b Patch notes


We are here to bring you an update 1.3.1b!

Please verify the integrity of game files if you still have crashes after downloading the patch.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • Fixed the trigger for Hilor’s quest in 5th chapter;
  • In one of the book event in the second DLC, the team got attacked by the monster despite having a lookout – fixed;
  • In some cases, players on the Demon mythic path could get 2 mythic levels at once instead of one – fixed.


  • A cultist could kill Rekarth in the basement – fixed;
  • Fixed minor error in mercenaries’ cutscenes;
  • Fixed the disappearance of Camellia in Drezen. We are helpful, are we not?
  • Fixed the navigation in the theater’s basement – you can no longer get stuck under the door;
  • Minor fixes for the graveyard area in Through the Ashes DLC.


  • Fixed the black holes in the terrain at the Graveyard.


  • Fixed the white loading screens;
  • Mouse cursor returned to its normal size.


  • Fixed the crashes on loading on some PC configurations.