Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: update 1.2.2a Patch notes


A new patch 1.2.2a has arrived!

Known issue: We were getting reports about an issue with the spell progression when merging the spellbook of an oracle with Angel’s. It currently works correctly, giving you oracle spells based on your oracle caster level on non-mythic level up, and giving you mythic spells from the summed-up caster level on mythic level up. Earlier, before we fixed oracle’s spellbook merging, you were getting oracle spells based on the summed-up caster level, but not the mythic spells. We will update the description of the merged book in one of the nearest patches for more clarity.

Beware of possible plot spoilers!


  • Companions could be missing from the council before the siege of Drezen. Again. We’ve dragged them back, once more.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Character creation for a Devil character has been fixed in the DLC;
  • Inevitable Fate ability could be used more than once per day—fixed;
  • Newly created Swarm That Walks started with the 0 swarm size—fixed;
  • The Anomaly Distortion effects in the DLC now disappear after the combat ends;
  • The Inevitable Fate ability now works correctly with healing spells;
  • Trickster’s Persuasion 3 rank could ruin some boss encounters, making them unbeatable—fixed.


  • Daeran is no longer immortal now, so be careful with what you do with him;

  • The game was asking to choose a save to import from the Inevitable Excess DLC campaign, when there was only one appropriate save—fixed.